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UPDATE from my forum post: Received a message saying that SD is being abused...please help!!

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UPDATE from my forum post: Received a message saying that SD is being abused...please help!!!

This is quite long...

We made the decision to confront BM about all of the accusations we were hearing. We also sent messages to BM's MIL to try to get her side of the story.

BM told us that the individual that sent us the messages was the same person that robbed her house (according to her this individual used to be a "really good friend"...let me tell ya, that is quality friendships right there). She claims that SD is NOT being abused, sexually or otherwise because she is always with her. She asked that the messages be forwarded to her, as they already have an open investigation because of the theft, which we did. BM's own mother also sent me a message saying that SD is fine, she is not being hurt, "of course you already know BM doesn't do drugs" (hmm...that was never brought up...kinda weird). She also told me that BM will in all liklihood NOT go to jail for assaulting her SIL because it was "self-defense" and BM has never gotten into trouble before. I guess the felony warrants don't count, I guess.

BM told me, when pressed to the point, about the pending charges with the SIL. In her own words "IF I go to jail it will only be for like three days because it's battery and it's no big deal"...Seriously...battery is "no big deal" WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!

Now the MIL sings a completely different tune. She tells us that SD is living in squaler. That the BM's neighbors called CPS on them over the summer as their house was FILTHY. Apparently she is visited by CPS on a weekly basis. MIL tells us that BM is out to the bars every night. That she pawns her kids off on anyone who will take them. She tells us that SD walked in on BM in bed with another man. We are looking at getting a lawyer. It sucks because we really can't afford one, but really, we can't afford to not get a lawyer. We have not called CPS or the police yet because we don't want to file anything, have no findings come up and then loose all contact with SD because that is what surely would happen.

To top all of this loveliness off, Hubby almost fell off the wagon last night. We got into a HUGE HUGE HUGE argument because he just wanted "one drink". I left the house. I will not be around him if he drinks. He is not a fun person to be around when drunk and often he is scary. He called me 20 minutes after I had left and asked me to come home. He told me loosing me was not worth "one drink". I came home, but things are still tense. is poopy.


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Oh my...that's more than just poopy...thats plain shitty...I wish I had some good advice...but since I don't, I'm going to say : hang in there! i wish you all the best!

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My main concern is that she pooped in her pants twice. That is a red flag. That could be a sign that there is abuse going on. YES, you need a lawyer. Definitely call CPS.

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