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Life just slapped me in the face

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Won't post, see below for the Debbie downer story of my life.


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I think I'm finally ready to talk ..

This past week has been a life changer for my household. My husband was termed from his 6 figure job. Our only source of income is mine and I only make 60k. Well we really thought my husbands job was always going to be there so we lived on what we made. He most likely won't get unemployment benefits, but we are ready to appeal if need be. He was termed due to one of his managers stealing millions of dollars and this other manager did it in a way that no escalations were ever sent to my husband to audit. This other manager would go in and clear all the escalations before they would hit my husbands line of responsibility. The other manager fled to another country and living off his money. While my husband and 6 other people that were also let go are struggling.

We both decided to sell our plasma to bring in $500 a month. He just did his today and is such a baby about it. He is refusing to use his arm and now I am doing all the care for BS1.

Good news is he already has two interviews, but that's because he has literally applied to 91 positions.

He met up with the other termed workers last night and they are all willing to write statements for him for the unemployment hearing. I can't go to much into detail on here due to the hearing. I've won unemployment cases for both sides before and have offered to help all he other workers as well. There's just so much on my plate right now. It's hard to deal with.

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I'm sorry Midwest. It sounds like your world has been turned upside down. I don't have any advice, but I know you and DH will get through it.

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We are still pursuing unemployment. His employer is stating misconduct, however they have no proof. During the unemployment hearings, the burden of proof is on the employer. I've been through many of these, so I'm optimistic but worried that it's going to be awhile before benefits actually reach our household. This issue is a huge mess, you might actually read about this in the paper in the coming months. It's public worthy, and stake holder worthy. It's a giant cover up, so they got rid of everyone.

Our salary was great, but we also have a debt. Our bills are twice as much as my take home. We are having to cut BS1 down to 2 days at daycare (the minimum), defer our student loans, and most likely will defer our mortgage.

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I'm sorry that you are having to deal with this. But it will get better eventually.

I was laid off in the 80s when the oil industry collapsed. I lost my home and all of my assets (quite substantial). I ended up taking a job making 1/3 of what I'd made before - after a year+ of unemployment. I went from having a great job, several real estate properties and a significant net worth to being dead broke with debts out the wazoo.

It took me awhile to dig back out of it. And it wasn't fun. But it all worked out in the end.

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I'm sure our situation will get better. He has a few interviews lined up. One even said the salary would be the same as what he was making before. The other is with a booming startup company, reporting 2 down from the CEO. It would be awesome if he got into a start up company and it takes off.

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I got my slap in May as well by losing my job. I feel your pain. The world is continually changing and if I could offer one piece of advice to everyone who is reading this is to "LIVE BELOW YOUR MEANS, LIVE DEBT FREE AND BUILD A SAVINGS ACCOUNT". I know, I know, easier said than done. HIndsight is 20/20. Blah blah blah.... But you'll be thankful for it when something like this happens to you. No job is guaranteed anymore, not in this new world economy.

Sounds like your DH got a wonderful headstart on the job hunting.... good luck to you!

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Yes, we will be telling unemployment that. The main thing we need to get the judge to see is that this could not have been caught by my husband because the processes and procedures were not in place for that. My husbands boss evens said there are flaws in the processes that would allow and unethical employee to exploit the system going undetectid.

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This happened to us about a year ago, h. was let go, wrongfully, but still got unemployment. We lived off of his 401k until he finally got an offer 6 mos later, so now have to start completely over.

Hang in there, this too will pass although we were just about to lose our *ss when his job offer came in, just in time! Praying for you too, hugs