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I just don't care anymore.

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Per court order DH was suppose to get ss14 this past weekend as normal visitation (EOW rotation), plus receive next weekend for MLK weekend (outlines this holiday in the CO). Well BM decided that's not how she wanted to interpret the CO this year - it's been in place 8 years. She has decided MLK weekend will start the rotation.

DH was all sad that he was losing a weekend with ss. I was trying to be "sad" with him, but really I was excited not to have ss14 3 weeks in a row. However, it is funny that BM failed to look at the calendar when she decided to not follow the CO. Now DH gets ss on his B-day weekend and Mother's Day weekend. DH was always nice and gave up his mothers day weekend to BM so ss could be there. DH said this year he was not doing it.

I'm starting to care less on "being right" and enforcing the CO and more of willing to not fight it because I just don't care if ss is here or not. I turn into an angry person when he is here and hibernate in my room or try to stay busy cleaning or shopping. In return I don't get to spend time with DS or DH.


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How does your DH expect to get them for Mother's Day when he can't even get them to come see him for his regular visits? Yeah don't hold your breath, she's not encouraging them to go on "his" days so she will be hell bent to allow them to go on "her" days and it's pretty clear she doesn't give two craps about the custody order or him missing/making up days so your DH can either give up or go back to court.