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Keeping it classy.

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My SIL has a SIL that is a photographer and she will be visiting in a few days. SIL wants to get pictures of all the kids, that way we can give it to FIL for Father's Day. SIL called BM, Bm likes to look nice in front of dh family so if we want something this is how we do it. SIL asked to have ss12 for a few hours and they worked out the logistics. I guess also during the conversation BM asked SIL if she could give her names of families there where in need of donations (SIL is a social worker). Bm said that she was tired of her kids always having too much stuff and wanted to donate either product or money. SIL politely explained that she can't give out names but she can point her in the direction of organizations.

Really? Bm has too much money? This coming from the person that's house just got condemned. Ss12 is always in ratty old clothing and wearing shoes with holes in them. If she has too much money, I guess we could always tell her to give back some CS, since she clearly can't think of anything ss could possibly need.

This is just another pointless attempt to make herself look good I front of dh family. Unfortunately they know what a horrible person she is.


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I'm not sure. She is crazy and always looking for attention. Once she was 2 minutes late dropping ss off for visitation, no big deal. She went on and on about how she was a Good Samaritan and had to pull someone out of the ditch.