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Haven't posted in awhile.

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A whole bunch of "fun" stuff has been happening here. SIL is a social worker where ss lives. We mentioned the doggie shaming vidoe to her (see other posts). since she is a mandated reporter, she reported it to her supervisor. Another case worker interviewed ss, Bm, and dh. I guess we are building a case of parental alienation and manipulation.

Dh tried to contact ss the other night via telephone. Bm would not answer and sent a voice recording of ss telling dh he doesn't want to talk (in a cheery voice). I told dh to report this as well, might as well since a can of worms as all ready been open.

Dh and Bm got into a texting battle over Easter visitation. Dh is suppose to get ss from 330 sat - 630 sun. Bm is refusing to release him because he made her waste money to come back and get him a few weeks ago (see other post regarding police).

Bm also had her lawyer send us a letter (her 5th lawyer because she can't pay them), that if we can't agree to a change in exchange points then it must take place at the CO place. The kicker is dh and Bm agree to change on Fridays to accommodate her needs, then on Sundays she changes her agreements.

So going forward we will always meet at the CO exchange points, which is 2.5 always away for each party. Dh family lives where Bm lives and we plan to visit up there a lot this summer. We will have her drive her gas hog truck to meet us and we will drive side by side to her on the way back. I hope her wallet hurts!

I'm 10 days from giving birth to my first bio kid, I wish this drama could end.


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that all sounds so stressful, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this so close to your due date Sad *hugs*

I'm afraid I don't know what to advise on dealing with crazy BM but just wanted to say, as hard as it is, try not to let all this stress you out too much, concentrate on your precious little one inside you, try and block the stress out xxx