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Skid reaction to DH hospitalization

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DH scared the crop out of me a few days ago. Serious confusion, lack of balance, talking crazy. So off to the ER we go.  Tests and scans of all sorts inconclusive but they admitted him for observation.

I did not inform SD or SS that first day. Too much to do, too much emotion. DH, during his more lucid times, asked that I not tell them anything until we knew more. This was consistent with other situations--we don't ring alarm bells easily.

DH was much improved on Day #2. He called both kids that afternoon to tell them. I swear his convo with SS lasted 30 seconds. SD a bit longer but not much. When I got home that evening I messaged SD to tell her I was available if she wanted to know anything more. SS doesn't "do" texts, so I didn't bother.

No call from SD, in fact no acknowledgement at all. In the meantime, all sorts of friends, coworkers, and my family are checking in with me.

DH was discharged today and we're home. Still don't know what caused the delirium. Lots of people checking in with me or DH, but silence from skids.

I just don't understand it  



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Merry, sorry about your DH and glad he's doing better. Hope the doctors find out soon what's going on and can easily remedy this.  {{{hugs}}}

How awful that it's crickets from the skids. *sorry2*

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Best wishes for your husband's swift recovery.

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Hope your Dh is doing better. DAH had the same symptoms and taken to the ER, his cardio doctor met us at the ER, the doctors found that he had a mild stroke and his oxygen saturation was low. The hospital gave him TPA drug to break up the clot, he was in the hospital for a couple of days to be monitored then sent home. He is on blood thinners to keep any clots from happening again. The downside of the blood thinner is that he bruises very easily.

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So scary. Glad your DH is good now.

All cardiac tests were negative too. DH's health in general is ok but not great. I'm hoping one of the docs he sees can piece it together. 

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Merry, I am sorry to read about your husband.  You must have been very scared. Sad

Thank you for taking YOUR time to share with us. I know that you are looking forward to the doctors explanation of what happened and the path way forward.



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So sorry to read about your DH. Hoping they find the issue asap. As for your SKs.....I got nothing. And if something were to happen to my DH, I'm pretty sure I'd get the same reaction. SMH

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I'm glad he's doing better, hopefully he will stay that way. I'd say you did your duty as far as notifying. In the future if anything happens, a short message or call is your only obligation. If they choose to visit or call for more info, good, if not, leave them to their lives. 

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Had that experience.  It must be frightening* for you both.  You did all you needed to do in notifying skids.  Sounds like you have a wonderful support network in place.  I have had a very similar experience with my skids several years ago so have absolutely no expectations they will have concern for their dad when he has serious health issues.  Good karma to your DH for a full recovery.


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Glad that it turned out ok, but sending out healing thoughts. I hope they find out what is wrong quickly. Sorry the skids are on silent mode.

DHs two would be worried and be at the hospital. But then again, I probably would not want them there anyway because neithr of them drive and that means Toxic Troll would have to be there.

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Prayers your husband gets answers and healing. And yea my SD didn't seem to care at all after my husbands totaling of his semi truck a couple months back. Same thing with his surgery before that. It's sad but we can't make them care. Imagine if it was their mom though.