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We took Doggie to the vet yesterday, and the lymphoma has not spread. So he's a good candidate for chemotherapy. We talked with the vet a long time about options, and we decided to go ahead with it.

Most dogs do pretty well on chemo, and if he doesn't we'll stop it. Expensive, yes, but not as much as I had expected and with a few adjustments in budget we can handle it. So I'm relieved for now.

I was very glad DH was with me for the discussion with the vet. He was too.

I didn't ask him, and he didn't volunteer any information, about his convo with SD when he told her he was not going to Auntieville until next week. If he wants to talk about it, ok, but the beauty of disengaging is that I don't need to know what doesn't affect me.

The only remaining issue is that DH doesn't understand why I'm not so interested in getting frisky with him. Maybe when I get a sincere apology for his assholedry I will start to feel differently.

Chemo starts Monday, and DH won't be here for it, but that's ok. We made that decision and I can handle anything that happens.



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I'm sure he let SD know that it was at Auntie's request that he put off the visit, not his own decision. That might have taken some heat off, as far as SD was concerned.

I'm also pretty sure he considers this him saying, "No", to SD, when it's really not.

But, I'm glad he was there for the vet consult.

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For you and your dog during this time!  I hope it’s successful!

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I’m so glad you’ve got a good prognosis for her!! Wishing you all the best & hoping puppy makes a full recovery.

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Promising news..I am hoping for  positive outcomes for your  well loved dog and you .