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Tee shirts for the skids!

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are the "I'm glad their not mine" tshirts for SM?

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When NPD BM used to send the SDs around to us for the weekend, in crumpled and dirty designer clothes, with their hair all matted - I would be really embarrassed being seen out in public with them.  I would have loved a T shirt saying "These kids are NOT my kids". 

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Um... this is amazing. If I were a pot stirrer I can just picture wearing this to all school events, especially those with BM present. 

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This is getting there, but sort of solidifies societies viewpoint that we should proudly tolerate abuse and toxicity.

I'd prefer one that simply says "Not my children" lol

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Haha! I always said I wanted to buy Little Idiot a shirt that says "I do what I want!!" It's her motto.

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I want one that says "Damn straight I'm not your mother, you little brat!"