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Skids are sick

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The SDs are feeling sick. SO and I haven't seen them since Boxing Day. As per my blog history, they and their mom are unvaccinated and BM is anti-mask.  They have access to free rapid tests but the girls are afraid of them, and he feels he can't force them to take one.

SO told me today about the SDs feeling sick, so we agreed I wouldn't go to his place this weekend (we live separately). However, he's going to have them over at his place for visitation regardless.  I'm doing the responsible thing and staying away from him for two weeks - he's off anyway, but I take transit to work (essential worker) and could infect a ton of people if I caught it from him or the skids. I'm technically quadruple vaccinated so I might not even feel sick if I contract COVID, so I could infect people unknowingly.

SO was nervous when telling me this.  He said he hopes it's just "the sniffles", but he's worried.  

I'm just overwhelmed with the possibility that this could be COVID.  We're in a hot spot for the new variant.  




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My H and I have gotten sick... like really pretty miserably

sick. Can't find a covid test within 100 miles in less than a week or so, so we're just going to act like we have it. 
I think you're doing the best thing avoiding him.

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How nerve wracking.  But you are doing the right thing.  I hope your SO doesn't get it, either, whatever it is.

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He's healthy and vaccinated, but older than me. He's super tall and skinny with allergies that affect his respiratory system. His kids are the same. I'm worried about all of them.  

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Well it's a reality we are all living with.  His options are to skip visitation or have it and do what he can to mitigate getting infected 

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Im sorry you guys are going through this. In my city the testing has died down and I got tested 2 times in the past 3 weeks and didn't have to wait very long. I do know that a nasty flu like cold is going around here in my city. Covid tests and flu test are negative but people are getting very sick. Just do what you can do to protect yourself