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Are you the only one licensed to purchase and store gelato?

I never got this memo of which your BF seems to be aware.

May I come eat your gelato too?

I honestly didn't realize that some people cannot purchase their own and I fear I may be arrested if I try buying some now.

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From the way you describe it, your SD sounds like she's 6, not 16...oh pwease, pwease, pwease can I have some gelato and play with your iPad...

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Direct quote from SD16. 

"I don't care about what anyone else wants. I only care about what want."

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Is this the one who was telling you about all the special dates Mommy and Daddy had?

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The very same.  I hear about the "mommy and daddy" days all the time.  (They split two years before we started dating.)

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Did you reply with the x rated version of your and Daddy's dates?  Lol.

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I only go to his place with the kids once a month. Alone at his place about twice a month, and the rest at mine. And he's good in the sack LOL.  Really, I love him now and it works right now this way with no huge commitment on my end.  You guys have helped me realize that things like marriage/moving in/buying property would be a huge mistake at this point.