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A Gelato Afternoon

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SD16 was satisfied with the gelato that her Daddee bought for her (I ain't payin!). So satisfied that I found her lying in his bed, FaceTiming mommmmmy about how good it was. Later in the evening before I went home, she wanted to tell me all about the special dates her mommy and daddy used to go on, how much fun they had. I make a face and she says "oh, I guess you don't want to hear about it."  She does this constantly, and she knows I don't like it.  My BF never calls her on it. (To be honest, he often doesn't actually hear it due to a disability). 

Oh, and Mommy thinks Tr&$p is an inspirational person. Social distancing and hand washing are wastes of time cause the virus is a man made hoax. She posts pictures of herself in lingerie on Instagram. 

One afternoon a month is getting harder and harder. 



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COUNTY YOUR BLESSINGS!! I have to deal with DH's 16 year old 10 times a month!!

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Perhaps BM is akin to a salesperson i heard explain that he KNOWS the virus came from outer space and he has PROOF!

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Haha! Well, I'm sure most egomanics think that Tr&$p is an inspiratinal person!

Maybe SD would like to hear about some of your special dates with her dad? I mean, serioulsy, she knows better.

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The skid keeps yapping about Mommee and Daddee because she knows you don't like it. Next time, start giggling and progress to belly laughter. Show her that you find her behavior both ridiculous AND hysterical.

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Yes - or say, "Oh, your dad has taken me on MUCH nicer dates than that. I'm sorry your mother didn't get the same treatment."

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I know more about all the crap her mom likes than my BF probably does at this point. A big giggle fit would be awesome.  Like, yeah kid. Your mom is chronically unemployed at 50 and has depended on men all her life.  She's insecure about her appearance and takes it out on you and your sister in ways which have destroyed your self esteem. What a role model. 

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Yes!!! My SS does this constantly.It is so uncomfortable. A child who is conniving will always cause problems... right? 

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Is to segue into something completely off topic and start prattling on making up your own creative stories when she starts in about Mommy and Daddy ancient history.  Make sure you smile and look like you're enjoying the off-topic conversations.  As the other posters said she is just doing this to get a rise out of you

SM: " oh that is so interesting!  I remember one time when I was in a boat and it sprung a leak; I was right in the middle of the lake and blah blah blah blah blah"

Make her memoirs turn into things about you.  Wash rinse and repeat.  

The Wilder and more creative the better

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She doesn't care about the real stories. She's always downplayed my job even though her dad and I work together.  

"I remember this one time your dad and I climbed a mountain together and took a selfie at 7000 feet!  And those three times we worked on a case together at work!  And all those times at our favourite pub that we've been called 'the cutest couple ever'!"  

Oh, your mom made him drive her to her Botox appointments and yelled at him when he got lost?  Okay. 

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Tell her a story about an awesome date you & DH went on!

And wow, just one afternoon a month?!


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" i remember this one time your dad and I climbed a mountain together and he couldnt keep his hands off me and kept kissing me.  And those times we worked together on a case and he kept feeling me up and I couldn't get him to stop, it was so embarrassing. And all those times at our favorite pub, one time he took me in the back and wanted to do it right there!"

I would add more salacious details the more she does it.

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Try making photo albums of pics of just you and him and allthe fun things you do when shes not around and leave them laying around for her ot see.