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Five year

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Well, your BF doesn't respect you, either. He knows exactly what he's doing and knows that it's not what you really want but he doesn't care, it all bodes well for him.

I know that you love him and I know that you want this to work but do you really want his adult daughter living on your pullout couch? Yes, I said "living", not just visiting, because he is not going to force her to launch. Even if she appears to do so or lives with BM long enough for you to think she's out, he is not going to tell her, "No," when she wants to boomerangs back.

He’s told our mutual friend that he’s so happy that I just love playing with his daughter. His developmentally delayed 15 yo daughter. He wants me to watch her next week while he plays golf even though we’ve just had the discussion about how I’ll never be comfortable doing that.

See how he totally disregards reality? He's delusional and hopes he can bring you into his delusion.


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Developmentally delayed skids who are selfish and entitled don't usually launch with their peers.  I wouldn't count on a 5 year plan that depends on his daughter launching, even if he agrees to it.

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Omfg he wants me to babysit her next weekend.  He’s got an appointment so he asked me to.  We just had our conversation about how I won’t babysit because I’m not able to deal with her issues.  He says, please, I need you to. WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK. I said NO over the phone and you’re still asking me. Now we have to talk about it tomorrow.  Does he even love me?

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No. He obviously has no respect or regard for you, either. You've said no, repeatedly, but he still is trying to force you to play mommy? You should have a one-day plan - plan to dump his loser ass and find someone more suitable.

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Five-star answer from ShellPell.

Seriously, this guy is like sooooOOOoo many we read about on StepTalk. 


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It is rude and disrespectful to continue to ask you to babysit once you've already told him no.  Make your own plans ASAP for that time so that you're not around when he's still begging on the day of his appointment.  Obviously he's not getting the message and you have different ideas about how things should/are going to be.

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Tell him that you have plans with a friend to try goat yoga or something.  She NEEEEDDDDS you to go with her because she is scared to do it by herself.  The class is already paid and you don't want her to be out of the money. 

 He can find someone to watch his kid if you are not there.  You do not have to answer the phone,  go to his house or even be home if he is coming over to your house.  You have your own life.  Find something to do.  He is trying to guilt you into babysitting for him.  


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Darling, there isn't a man or penis on the planet that is THAT GOOD that you have to fear losing it.

Yes, you love him. I understand that. I did a lot of stupid things for love, myself.

But this isn't love. He doesn't love or respect you.

Take your lovely young self and tell him to eff off. You're not a babysitter. You do not exist to help him go golfing, pay 1/2 his bills, etc.

What you want matters.

I promise you that there are marvelous and talented penises wandering around in the world, attached to wonderful men who want to treat you like the queen you are.

I know because it happened to me and I thought the last guy (who used me and abused me) was the love of my life. I was a fool.

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Oh, Futuro, the visual of those marvelous and talented penises wandering around has me in stitches. Thanks for the laugh.

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Don't buy a condo with your bf, buy one for you that he can visit you at when he doesn't have skid.  If skid has develpmental delays she will NOT launch easily as an adult. Our society is not supportive of people with develpmental disabilities and depending on the area it may be impossible for her to make it on her own. My oldest son has dd's and he lives with me in his 20's. He pays bills, house/pet sits and watches his younger siblings so it works out, but he would have a tough time making it in the city we live in even in a roommate situation.  

Your 5 year plan should be yours and not hinge on your bf or his child.  

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Just no - sorry you're finding out how your STBXBF is, 'cuz he's seeing "Free babysitter!" with benefits at the moment, and wants to lock you into unpaid childcare servitude.

Give yourself permission to lose this creep. 

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The only plan you should have is find a man that loves and RESPECTS you!  He loves what you bring to the table but he doesn't love you.  He loves your money and he definitely loves the idea of you moving in so he has a built-in babysitter.  No means no but he doesn't want to hear that because then he'd have to either miss out on his plans or actually put some effort into taking care of his responsibilities.

If she's developmentally delayed and dear dad has his head up his arse, you can guarantee she will be going absolutely nowhere in the next 5 years or more.  Many, many more.  OP you need to stick to your guns.  You are young, hardworking, lovely, strong minded and full of life.  Do not give all this up to become one man's childminder who doesn't even respect your feelings or wishes.

Girl, RUN.

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find a man that loves and RESPECTS you!  

Ladies, please remember that your worth does not hinge on finding the "love" of a man. Better to love and respect yourself and love will naturally find you.  

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My husband plays golf too and one weekend where I had multiple online exams and assignments he disappeared a whole day (6am and got home 9pm), he claimed he didn’t know I had those assessments which I called bullshit on. 

He slept in the bedroom downstairs alone because I needed to study that evening and him in the room means none of our 2 toddlers would sleep. After then he learnt that he had to support me getting my degree and care for the kids. He doesn’t get a free pass on the weekend because he’s the sole income earner who needs me time and I should suck it up and hire a babysitter..

every week if he wanted to play golf etc he would ask me several days in advance and if it was busy assignment week, it was “ tough I have assessments that weekend”, he was home caring for our toddlers.

stand your ground gun, he will be a man baby, he will guilt you and gaslight you, stand your ground and don’t cave in.

she is not your responsibility ever!! Remember that!! When he guilts you tell him “she is her bio parents responsibility and no one elses

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Wait - two posts ago, you were glad he told the kid you weren't her babysitter and now he wants you to ... babysit her?

What's so great about this guy that you are trying to cram this square peg into a round hole?

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Where is the mom, is she involved/alive?  Who does he normally use a sitter prior to you?  Lose the guy, pronto!