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Costume Drama

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Update to my last blog - SD16 found a bagged costume that was suitably expensive enough for her, so she no longer has any interest in my costume trunk. Problem solved!  So this weekend, she'll have daddy all to herself to walk her around for trick or treating. I know. I KNOW. Ugh.

She was up my butt again this past Saturday. At one point I just tuned her out and played on my phone. She just sat there staring at me, and popping out random statements about herself or asking me inane questions. It's as though she likes me, but also really likes to annoy me. She follows me all through out BF's house doing this. And at night (I stayed over until Sunday), she tried opening the (locked) door three times. Most likely she thought we were going to have sex and wanted to interrupt us. (This has happened several times before). She would say "ew" anytime BF showed me affection. But then she can't wait to sit right next to me in the loveseat, or at the dinner table. She's so effing WEIRD.

She threw a tantrum in the store and stormed off to the car.  BF (and I thought I had him trained out of this) wanted me to go comfort her.  Dude, I'm not her best friend and I'm not her parent.  I just said "uh, nope."  I'm just totally backing off whenever I can.

She went on a rant about how great Trump is and how Bill Gates is putting the virus through 5G and I lost it.  (We're not American!!!). I told her I couldn't believe she actually felt that way, and I turned to BF.  He said "she's confused, she's talking about someone else" with a total dead pale face.  So I told him she can't talk this way, it's not right, she'll have trouble at school if she says things like that.  She said she just has the opinions that her mom tells her.  

I was invited to go back this weekend for Halloween. I said no. 


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I too felt bad for SD and the no costume. She had me take her to a beauty shop and I bought a wig. We bought a leotard and tights at a specialty dance store. We bought fancy wings at Joanne's fabric. It took my entire day off to get all the pieces to do a sun fairy costume and then North Korea bought her some bagged costume and we wasted all of our money and time and effort. Been there . Bought that happy meal. I feel you and am so glad those days are over for me 

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That was incredibly sweet of you to do. It feels so good at the time to do something special, but It hurts so much when it inevitably backfires.  I wish I could have all of StepTalk over for a costume trunk and mimosa party. At least you'd appreciate it. 

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She is very much into cosplay. I spend a lot of money every week on her costumes and wigs. She has 75k followers on tik tok (I monitor her content every day )  and some of her cosplay videos have 330k views. She is getting followed by brands now. Her Princess Peach really took off . So yes we are a family big into costumes. She mostly does anime but I am trying to talk her into the tightrope  girl from haunted mansion and Sarah from Labrynth and she is fighting me

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My BD14 is all into the Anime and cosplaying as well, she and her friends get together and dress up and role play.  These crazy kids lol.

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SD sounds emotionally delayed, but I'm glad you didn't have to end up letting her take one of your costumes. 

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I thought she may be emotionally delayed too.  Not many 16 year olds have their father walk them door to door trick or treating.  She seems too old. 

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Is she trying to sit beside you on the loveseat or at the table so that your SO can't!? My SD used to always try to hold my hand at the store, which seemed sweet but it wasn't, she just knew if I was holding her hand I wasn't holding my SO's hand. My SO had, of course, zero idea but once i brought it to his attention he only had to tell her to 'knock it off' a few times before she stopped altogether. Just a thought - your description of her love/hate behaviour towards you reminded me of that.