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I applaud you for what you are doing for the rest of us and very much appreciate it. Thank you. 

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The rest of us appreciate your willingness to move science forward!

I had a healthcare worker tell me, during a procedure, that masks were stupid and if she had to get a vaccine for COVID she'd quit. And she gossipped unkindly about a coworker of mine on top of it. I reported her.

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Thank you for you are doing.

Antivaxxers will answer someday for all of the deaths they indirectly caused.

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Good for you.  I work for a health care based research institute which is invovled in C-19 research and this information will help our (for the good of the world) immensely.  Thank you!

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Thank you!  Your courage is greatly appreciated!!!

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Just a quick update - I'm at the top of the list for volunteers!  They just have to double check that I qualify (civilian position), and then if I do, my first appointment will be next week!

My BF surprisingly is okay with it, not that he gets a say.  My sisters are pissed though, because there's no financial compensation and they think it's risky.  It's a modified Bacillus Calmette Guerin vaccine (I had to copy/paste that lol) that will have mild after effects. 

I do get mad about my BF - he says he's not anti-vax, but his kids have only ever received one vaccination. So he's part of that. 

If there's something I can do that might help my parents, his parents, and my last remaining grandparent, I'm going to do it.  And thank you all for being so encouraging. Makes my heart hurt.