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Bike injury

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I broke a rib in a stupid way a week ago. Has anyone here done the same? It SUCKS and it's hard to breathe. Stuck at home with no treatment other than lots of Advil and lying down. Relevant I hope because I skipped a Skid weekend because of it.  Does it get better?


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That sucks. Sorry Ive got nothing to give you but loads of sympathy.

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It gets better but it can take a long time AND if you're not careful it can flare up again. My ribs were done in by Santa... 

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That sounds awful and I've heard it's painfu, never broken a rib, myself.

Take care of yourself!

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Never had that happen and knock on wood that it never does.  I hope the pain eases soon.  Not sure if CBD is legal around you but some gummies or tincture may help ease the pain.

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I broke 2 ribs playing football with a bunch of guys. Oooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!

It gets better, but takes time. Ice and ibuprofen were my best friends and I slept in a recliner for about 4 weeks before I was comfortable sleeping in bed.

{{{social distancing air hugs}}}

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I'm so sorry to hear you had a cycling accident!! I've never broken a rib, but I've had messed up knees and a herniated disc. It sucks being in pain. I have heard ribs take a long time to heal. Go easy on yourself. Glad you didn't hurt yourself worse.