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Life is Good... no, life is GRAND!

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These past two weeks have WONDERFUL!!

I started potty training DD18mo, about two weeks ago because I was tired of changing diapers, and I wanted her potty trained before we had baby #3 comes. Because changing two pairs of diapers is no fun... Hell changing one baby's diaper is no fun. Needless to say DD is successfully potty trained!!! YAY!!!

FDH and my counseling has been going GREAT!!

There has been no drama from BM. Other than dropping SD and hour and a half early yesterday, with no heads up for FDH and I, because SD was so 'horrible' BM couldn't 'take' her bad behavior any longer... B!tch please!! She's 3, tantrums are normal, you just have to handle them in an ADULT manner, rather than stooping down to your 3YEAR OLDS level.
But it was a happy surprise when BM showed up with SD, she was able to come to the store with us, and just be 3.

Not to mention tomorrow I will be taking my ladies to the book store to pick out a book or two, as a reward for being so good. (FDH and I have begun Parallel Parenting, so what ever SD does with BM is BM's problem, not ours. And SD has been Wonderful the last few weeks, no tantrums, time outs, or bad behavior.)

I am just happy, and thankful God has blessed me with my beautiful blended family.

Hope everyone else's Thursday is going as well as mine. = )


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Yes! I was totally surprised too, it took SD until she was almost 2 and a half to get fully potty trained. (Granted BM didn't want to fully invest in SD's potty training so we (I) spent a week and a half we had her helping her get it down before her two day visit with BM)

I'm just so proud of DD's accomplishment. Granted she won't say potty when she needs to go, she'll just strip her pants and underwear off. Lol