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She just ran off another one!

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fiance got a call from BM today telling him that her latest BF is moving out. This is the 4tha man to "leave" her in just over a year's time. The guy she cheated on my fiance with, the divorce became final, the guy she was dating after she got dumped by affair guy, and now the latest bf. He only moved in with her and the kids in OCT.

Interestingly, the kids and the kid of affair guy are participating in an extra curricular activity together............


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your husband? Damn does she really think yall even care? I feel sorry for the kids, where is the stability. I hope they are ok.

Thank you Disney for portraying a positive image on all stepmothers!!!!

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I have my opinions about why she called - see when she moved out she called all the neighbors, even the wife of the guy she cheated with and "warned" them about my fiance saying things like "Just please keep an eye onthe kids to make sure they're ok" Very broad and general implication that something just was not right. When she called my fiance today she said something similar about her BF that is moving out.

They have an agreement that they don't call each other. I think she is doing the same thing to this poor guy that she did to my fiance when she left him. Typically she calls when she doesn't want stuff in writing that can ever be disputed later.

There really isn't much stability for them at her house, but she has never done anything outright abusive that has been documented. She did some things before I was in the picture that my fiance should have reported her for but he didn't and it's too late now. She is an executive that lives for her job. The kids are in daycare as much as possible then when they get home are fed mostly take out or fast food then plopped in front of the tv. If it is a night that they have an activity, she takes them and leaves if possible. Once in a blue moon she will make a big show of taking them somewhere or buying them huge presents and spending an afternoon playing with them. It's stomach turning to me. She tells the kids that they don't have to do chores at her house "Because I want to spend time with you when you are here"

sorry for the rant. Her parenting skills make me sick.

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Thank you Disney for portraying a positive image on all stepmothers!!!!

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at least the latest BF did laundry and cooked for them - I think he was more stable than she was. She claims that he is moving out because of "parenting style differences" translated, I think he is moving out because she doesn't act like a parent at all. Actually, knowing her, that is a complete lie and he just couldn't take her bullshi!t anymore.

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Poor kids. My SD's BM is similar....but SD lives with us thankfully.

Good luck with everything

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for it when the front door of BMs house is a revolvong one. Sad

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain."

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but it is always I guess validating to me when BM runs off another one.

Except that I wish one would stay so she would be happier in her life and let SD go live her life! I feel like BM will be the kind that doesn't want the kid to leave, because BM has nothing else to do . . .

"Fortune favors the brave" - Virgil

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sounds like this BM should take up S and M , 'cause chaining them up seems like only way she will ever keep one

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I'm not really happy about it, but in a sick way it makes me feel better. I felt sorry for that guy from the moment the kids came home talking about him. He has three kids and a decent job and probably thought he had it made. Then we start hearing about how he does all the laundry and he cooks dinner and picks them up from daycare. All this stuff that my fiance did when they were married out of love for his kids so that they wouldn't be neglected. The whole time she is obviously making up shit about my fiance or twisting the truth about him, by the way the guy acted around us...She's so incredibly selfish that unless she changes herself she is never going to find a man that will stay with her. She never going to be truly happy, and that really blows for the kids.

The funny thing is that we have seen him interact with his ex-wife and they communicate pretty damn well, at least in public. I am sure he got fed up with her drama with my fiance as doing all her housework to boot. I seriously think she wants a wife, not a BF or husband!