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Oh little boys and their penis...(sigh)

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Okay I'm out numbered at my house, the only female!! Even the dog is male! DH, SS8 & SS5. So this is meant to be light compared to what is normally discussed. So all 3 of the boys wake up with boners! I thought I'd be equipted to deal with this, as DH doesnt bother me. But seriously a 5 yr old can get a hard on and than he wants to show us. Like look my wee wee grew. OMG! I've never looked at my ceiling more than I do now. I caught SS8 humping a piece of furniture and I turned around and ran, just literally, the other way!! I do crack up about it now, but at the time, I'm like what to say, what do I do. Even my DH laughs at this. What do other SM's do when this happens to their SS's?


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If this happens to my ss11, I have no clue. I have known him since he was 4. Never once has he done this to me, or mentioned it.. and I LIKE IT that way!

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OMG thats hilirous! Yeah SS5 has always been super curious. And he asks like 100 ?s in a hour. I've been in his life since he was 2. He's never seen me naked or had a walk in. But one day, he tells DH, "you have big hairy peanuts and I have little peanuts but "SM" she doesnt have any peanuts." We about died laughing. We were camping at the time and DH showered with him and I guess he got a view of DH's junk. But we dont know how I get into the mix. Yeah I'm no good when things like this occur b/c I cant stop laughing.

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My boys are now young teenagers and do not discuss this with mom - thank God! I wondered why they were taking so many showers and in the middle of the day (hmmm-mmmm). LOL!! Honestly, though, geeerrooosssss!!! That's not something I want to deal with.


Love me or hate me, I'm still gonna shine!!!

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Tortoise gets those sometimes.
The last time he got one was when I had to get him up and get him a bath before school. The BW refused to get him circumsized when he was born, so gross. So when he's running around naked with his wang going everywhich way, I just want to stab my eyes out. I seriously have to lock myself in the other bathroom.

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I'm right there with ya! My DH, 2 boys and 2 male dogs. I am the only girl. Even if I have to wake up my 18 month old and change his diaper too early, I see he's got one too. I wait a few minutes whenever possible lol My 6 year old has the same issues!

"I child proofed my whole house, but they STILL get in!"

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Ummm....not sure what to even say. My Skids are girls, but I do have a BS11. He has never done that, but he has told us that he gets them. And my DH kind of talked to him about it. But mainly asking BS11, when do you get them?, what causes you to get them (ie..when looking at girls)?, and stuff like that. But DH also explained to him that it is a natural thing that happens. But BS11 has never gone to the extreme that your Skids are. I have no clue what to even say. I think the best thing to do, is have your DH have a talk with them about it. And if DH won't. You can tell them that it is a normal thing that happens to all boys.....but it is not polite to show it to everyone or to hump the furniture. They need to know that they can talk to you or DH about it, but they need to also have some manners about it. Good Luck!!

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LOL.... this is just a hysterical thread! hahahahahah..... Little boys are so awesome but soooooo gross!!!

It can get worse too, Perfectson17 is VERY proud of his 'package' still! LOL!

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HAHAHA!! I love it! this is all too funny! Boys love their dangley bits! My stepson is 6 and holy cow how he reacted the first time "it got bigger"!! The questions I have to field about his penis and why he and daddy have one and I don't are amazing! I am hoping our unborn baby saves me from being the only female in the house!!

I try to explain things as technically as I can without being too graphic. And when I catch him playing with it I tell him that's behavior for when he's alone in his room.

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humping furniture? is that normal...i dont know what id do if i caught ss humping any of my nice furniture?!

ss4 once was laying on his stomach and some how got one...he was just turning 4. he only had a shirt on...he jumped up laughed and pointed. i covered my eyes and laughed and dh was oh so proud, lol

other than that never an issue again...his issue is peeing...when i put him in the bath he likes to pee in his bath, ugh gross! i hope i have a girl!!

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Well he wasnt like going to town on the table. But I guess he kinda grinned the side of it and it must have felt good so he did it a few more times. All of us were in the room together, they were putting legos together and DH and SS5 were so involved that they didnt even notice. I, on the other hand, ran to the kitchen!!

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I think that there's different levels of normal when it comes to penis business. My stepson has never humped furniture, but he definitely "rubs" against things once in a while.

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okay so BS7 was5 when it grew the first time. He was in the backseat at the time. DD 13 was there and she started screaming and then my son said look I can make it dance . I was dying.

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OMG, hilarious!!! I'm also outnumbered in my home (DH, DS3, DS1 and dog) as well as having SS17. Never had any penis issues with SS17 (thank goodness), but I'm already having issues with DS3. He likes to sit on the couch, pull it out and play with it while watching his favorite cartoons! Then says "Look Mommy, my penis is BIG like Daddy's!". It's freakin' histerical!!! He has also recently discovered that it feels good to rub against furniture or the floor. Yikes!

Warning: My sister has 2 little girls (ages 3 and 5) who also like to rub/hump furniture in their home. It's not just a boy thing! LOL

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Thats hilirous. Yes SS5 likes to compare to DH. Even though its been a yr or 2 since he's seen DH. So I guess he just remembers. Thats why I said its very funny and I laugh all the time. Yeah I know girls do the same. But I guess its also b/c its my SS's. I never want to discourage curosity but I do agree there is a time and place and trust me, its not like they are wiping it out in the middle of the living room!!

SS8 has become more private over the last year. Before he'd run naked out of the bath tub and jump around. Now he undresses and dresses in the bathroom. SS5 however, still runs around naked and doesnt care who sees him naked.

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HI MOM who states :," Thats Hilarious ". Yes dear , this is mom Laura,or "naturemom"and we are several nudist nursing moms all with kids..( no men as we are fed up with their controlling nature)..
my 4 boys and 2 girls play outside a lot in nature with the other kids, here on my private in Tahiti...tree-houses organic gardens,home-school,yoga sports,music art,no need for clothing here in Tahiti..yes we moms see many erections for sure ,while playing or nursing,or just walking around....and when they asked what is happening to them..we moms just tell them that they are just cute and that we moms are glad to see that they are very happy..and that erections are very normal, and that they should never be ashamed of their bodies... Yes there is a little of touching curiosity between the boys,or boys rubbing their own self a little.,,very normal. Now,I know that many religions teach that this is very evil,,so sad and damaging to an innocent child's mind and spirit...... but our boys do not have to go hide away as nothing bad is happening. Our oldest are my 11 yr old twin boys we have taught that all the kids here from toddler-stage that the human body is beautiful.not nasty ,or bad... what do other moms believe ?? Smile

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Too cute! Thank god nothing like that has happened in my house but I my husband has a pretty open relationship with his sons so I'm sure they've showed stuff like that to him!

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OMG this is hilarious. I am outnumbered too, 2SSs and one bio son. this is what I have to look forward to.

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Smile Smile i am a single mom of 4 boys and 2 girls,we family of moms.with kids ,and we live on our own land in Tahiti ,and are all a nudist family we mothers here teach all our kids that the human body is very acceptable, and that all of it is perfect and beautiful under any conditions.. as we moms do see all our boys having a lot of erections while playing in nature or breastfeeding.or at any time.... and...when the boys ( oldest is my 11 yr old twins )ask we moms about what is happening to them..we moms just tell them that we are just glad to see that they are feeling very happy, and that this is natural and normal with all boys.
Let we moms always remember that kids love to be naked an running around and and play ~~~they love it better in nature...nothing bad or nasty about kids being naked .. that ignorant concept that just is an illogical concept driven in to many parents..originally engendered by many goofy religions... same thing is true with kids natural exploration tendencies ... which is completely understandable..