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Goodbye Letter to SD-personal therapy project

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Dear SD, It appears that our bad relationship has come to an end. I realize that it has been your mission these 15 years to let me know just how much you hate me. You have done an excellent job--even put in writing for posterity. To punish your dad, he has had 15 years of mostly silent treatment. I can't recall any pleasant time we had together. Your shit face was firmly in place each and every visit to the point that others commented on it. You cruelly tortured and killed my cat when you house sat. Some of the valuable items you stole weren't from your family, but mine--like the silver set and tree painting. Your father is still shaken about his missing coin collection and LP collection that was cherry picked. Your lies about the stealing couldn't be believed since you were the person with the key. I never would have left you alone in my house for a second. We know that you went through every inch of the house too. Your dad was helpless to your tantrums and fits about having a house key when I strongly objected. He helplessly paid for your graduate school during your two years of manipulations. He would have appreciated a thank you. Consider what you manipulated and stole your inheritance, because that's all you will ever see from us. I never said anything to you about how shitty a person you were, but can tell you now that I don't like you. Now that it is my choice to forget about you, I am. As you and your mother call me--The Evil Stepmother



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This is an excellent therapeutic letter.  Given what a sociopath she is, it's no surprise that she stole from your house.  I'm sorry she got your things.

I'm sure you know that you absolutely cannot send this to her.  She's going to challege DH's will due to his dementia, your undue influence, and malice on your part.  You wouldn't want to make it easy for her.


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Write letters you dont send, create a jounal, vent will definitely help with the validation of feelings that you need and the healing you seek.

Meanwhile, get those financial ducks and geese and chickens in a row, and protect yourself against this monster.

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Write away! It brings clarity, as your first "letter" does for you and for us. Thankfully, she did not steal more.

May I suggest another visit to your estate attorney to add one thing to your wills: anyone who contests these wills receives nothing (attorney can give you the legal words). I saw in another poste where your SD and her BM seemingly contested the grandmother's will. Get some added security for yourself and your DH. In other words, crazy SD, if you contest, you better win. If not, you loose it ALL.