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The storm is brewing

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My hubby is off on storm work, he helps turn on electricity to those that lost it during hurricanes and such. This is when his ex/baby mama goes especially crazy. According to the court order, she needs to let us know 30 days ahead of time, when she wants to have 14 SD, I understand that this doesn’t always happen and I often go out of my way, cancelling plans, with only days notice. However, with kids in soccer M-T and working weekends, it makes it difficult with only days notice. I explained this to SD14 and she understood.... initially.

What to do when your step daughter wants to move for the wrong reasons?!

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my step daughter is 14, while it has been difficult, the last few moments we have grown closer. Her BF has sole physical and sole legal, however her BM gets long distance parenting time.(once a month, every other Holiday, 8 weeks in the summer) This past spring, BF and BM decided to go against the court order and allow her to decide when she comes and goes as long as she stays with us during the school year. We have kept our end of the deal, however the BM has not.