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Does anyone's evil BM work at your bios school

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Just found out that the BM who made false sexual abuse accusations about my sons (a year a go, she has never addressed why she did it nor apologized) is starting work at my sons school as support staff.

I have made an appointment with the principal and even though I know it's totally crazy, I am considering moving the kids to a different school.

I'm not sure what outcome I want from speaking with the principal, anyone know what i can expect/demand??

Just... Anyone else go through this? I feel totally alone.


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I have never been in a situation like that.. If BM didn't that to my son, I wouldn't want her anywhere near my son!! Hopefully they can switch places with someone in the same position at another school. If not, I would try to see if they could make it so your son rarely sees her.. If not, I would change schools.. Like I said, I wouldn't let her near my child ever again!

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Clever. Spot on target.

BM had the right to report her concerns. You have documentation that CPS found zero cause and chastised BM. Especially because of the sexual nature of the accusation, it is inappropriate that the children be forced to deal with their accuser on a daily, weekly or even occasional/in-passing manner.

Bring whatever documentation you can to the meeting. Focus on the facts not on your justified mommy feelings. Your children should not be punished and should not be forced to face someone who accused them of a sexual assault. Now that person is in a position of trust and power. Different level completely. Nope.

BM gets reassigned or you discuss going public about how the school district treats victims.

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This is brilliant! Thank you! I've def been trying to get my head in order, I want to leave my personal feelings at home and focus on the facts and my sons safety and reputation. This just isn't something I am willing to shrug off and sweep under the rug like everyone else does with BM. I love your reply! Thank you xx

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I don't know the whole story but that's a pretty serious accusation.

If she made false accusations against your son what's to stop her from making false accusations against other children at the school?
I think that the school should know what type of person they are hiring. What happens if a parent or child or teacher pisses her off? Will she try again to ruin someones life with lies?

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Yes, I have been jotting notes, getting things in order for meeting with Principal, and one of my points is *BM has made SERIOUS allegations about two of her past boyfriends and an ex co-worker (no charges made, she just flaps her lips to anyone who will listen and I think that's dangerous enough), clearly when she "feels" victimized by someone she retaliates in a nasty way. Certainly a good point to bring up! Thank you

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My advice is to stay away from "gossip" about BM.(non-court/legal issue) Those other people are not the issue. Stay focused on your kids & THIS situation. If you bring up garbage it will distract & provide a smoke screen.

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I would file a restraining order on bm... but I would have done it ball when she filed false accusations against your son. I would take any and all proof of this to the principal when you have your sit down talk. Also, not crazy to want to move your son. I would totally try to get this crazy woman fired.

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When you speak to the principal don't editorialize, just the facts...
It sounds less like drama when you use factual words but more like general cattiness when events are editorialized.
Make sense?