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Bday party next weekend...wish me luck

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So I'm spending this week that SKIDS arent here planning bday party for SDSTB6. We are doing a co-party with BM this year and we are including all extended families including my mom, DH's siblings and neices/nephews, BM's parents (bio & step) sister and neices and nephews, step dad with BM's parents and siblings. It should be a crazy time.

This is the first time since SD turned 1 that DH has agreed to a co-party. (I wasnt around for the 1st bday which was a disaster with DH getting into a fist fight with BM's bro-in-law).

We decided to do it at a hotel where we can use a banquet room for the party portion (cake, ice cream, gifts) and then the kids can use the pool. The party will be a 3 hour party. Once the party is over only DH, I and our girls will remain in a rented room for the night. I have told Bm that she and her DH are welcome to get a room also. I dont know if they will. I know that we will have no issues with BM & her's the extended's that make me nervous. Many dont get along. Please keep your fingers crossed for us and for SD that her birthday party is an enjoyable and drama free one.