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SD friend is scared of her

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My friends daughter whose been friends with step daughter since she was five doesn’t want to see her the next time she comes to visit. She asked if she can spend a weekend soon as we’ve moved away and havent seen her since SD blow up. Which she witnessed. SD has been so mean to everyone it just sucks for us all. And still no response on coming for portraits so oh well I guess. 


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Is her own person,  She does not want to put up with SD Bullsh*t anymore.  For your DD one good to make her keep her friend. Let her come over a weekend SD is not at your house.   
You can not control SD, so try not to control DD's friends .  SD most likely will not be around for long  unless you keep kissing up.  It's just a lost on SD part.  
We only have a limited number of good people in our life.  Most likely you can only count them on one hand.  SD throwing away you, is her lost 

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Yea. She’ll be coming. She’s always enjoyed coming over when when SD wasn’t here, but I feel bad that now she’s that uncomfortable around her. She was glaring at her the entire time and being mean and rude to her the last visit. Been almost 10 years they’ve been friends. I believe she’s jealous of my husband and the girls relationship. She calls him her second father. But my SD doesn’t make any effort to talk to him about anything other than drama and complains and wants to be entertained when she’s here non stop like she’s a guest. He feels bad but she and him just don’t click. Me and her always have but she’s not supposed to like me so it’s all BS 

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Well my husband told her gently to be kind to her 4 year old sister. She began yelling and lying so I told her she wasn’t going to yell and lie here and that she should know we don’t tolerate it etc and it turned into three hours of crying her eyes out and calling someone to pick her up at 9 pm. She’s mad because we offered to get a counselor. BM screamed at us for that. She needs it. She’s just stressed from family drama and things we can’t help her with. 

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YSDs troublesome friend once witnessed OSD, then around 12 I think, have a tantrum that included throwing things at BMs. TFs mom told me about it and how they were limiting the visits to BMs after that because TF was disturbed by it.

We never hear things like this directly....

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If it were up to BM we’d know nothing about their home life either. My SD talks a lot but now that’s shes being alienated again who knows.