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Picture day went good

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We did them outside at a woodsy parked days ago. Was nice. I'm somewhat satisfied with the photos. But SD came with several inches of very greasy hair hanging in her face. And thick orange tartar on her teeth. Putting the pictures of her smiling big and laughing in black and white or doing small prints of those. Most of the time she won't show her teeth when she smiles though. I put her hair behind her ears and got grease all over my fingers. I want my husband to say something to BM but we both know it won't go over well as every other hygiene convo has went before and we'd like to see her for Christmas so I guess it is what it is. We met up with one of my friends and her kids. And my DH asked her if she'd pick SD up on the way since she's nearby to BM and we drove so far. She said no because they didn't want to get too close and catch headlice. It is a legitimate risk. She wasn't being a bitch. Unfortunately. I just told DH he knows BM would get mad. Because she would. She has before. SD only wore the sweater dress DH bought for some of the pictures. It matched the outfits we had and looked nice but she didn't keep it saying it was ugly and complaining. Dropped her off back at her moms with large body scrub bottles of various scents. Some food and snacks for her and a foot soak tub. It's a funny feeling disengaging myself from the parental side of everything and not knowing how everything will look in the future with her growing up. But it's a little freeing I guess. I can't fix anything in her life. And it was never my job to try to. I'll keep trying to include her as much as I can in our lives though anyways. We have a wedding next week. Now SD mite not have exposed us to lice this time. Debating doing a treatment anyways jic as prevention. But part of me wants to wait and see because if we do have them then DH has to deal with it. Which he promised he would do if it come up again as I'm done with it. So idk if it's petty to wait or not. I don't like ruining our hair with the harsh combing though etc. Especially if we don't need to. Idk. I guess we'll wait and see. 


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What did your DH say about her greasy hair and disgusting teeth?   Honestly the head lice thing is CPS reportable, especially since it can kill people.  

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CPS has been there before. They set a few things straight but they didn't do anything at all on hygiene. My DH doesn't want to upset her or BM by bringing it up again. She's about to be 16 and isn't willing to come to our home anymore so our visits with her are not often or long this year.