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So this isn’t really step related BUT I’ve had MRSA since March. Inside my breast. I have chronic health issues that make things more complicated. I’m likely being hospitalized for IV vancomycin Wednesday when I see the specialist. I’m terrified of hospitals. I wish things with step family was better and so many issues. I am a Christian and have been feeling distant from God. My choice. I just haven’t been prioritizing for a year now. I been out of church and out of studying properly and just really lazy and all around not who I want to be. Part of this guilts making me want to fix everything in case something bad happens but I don’t have the ability or energy to even try. Just prayers by any fellow followers of Jesus would be appreciated and any similar experiences or mrsa stories. I’ve has vancomycin and keflex once before and it screwed my gut up for years and now I’ve had several keflex and bactrim scripts plus more drugs now. I’m scared and I’m sad. Wish our families didn’t have so many problems. Makes hard times harder for sure. 


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I’m also quite hurt SD knows of it and noticed I wasn’t up to much as usual the last few visits and I feel like she doesn’t care and cares more that I’ve not been able to entertain her well enough. I could be wrong. I just feel sad she’s not been around and hasn’t replied or said anything to us. I’ve not told her anything of the MRSA recently because she’s not asked but I guess I wish she’d ask. I’m trying to accept boundaries between us need to be enforced. We can’t be besties. Her mom just doesn’t like it so. It is what it is. 

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My sister had MRSA, too.  It is scary but she always came out of it.  Hoping for the very best outcome for you, Mama bear.

Put the step issues aside for now, if you can.  Just concentrate on doing what is best for your healing.  Thinking of you.

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I had MRSA once. Back in 1987, I was in a car accident and my knee was injured. The injury required 3 surgeries and in one of the surgeries, a bar was put through my tibia (lower leg bone) to stabilize my knee. Somehow, that metal bar introduced MRSA into my bone and the infection laid dormant for 26 years until I took a course of methotrexate in 2012. I had severe leg/knee pain and had many tests. Some test showed a void in my bone that doctors were concerned might be cancer. More specialized tests revealed an infection. I had surgery where the doctor took out a rectangle of bone, cleaned out the MRSA and packed the inside of my bone with antibacterial cement. I was then put on a 6-8 week course of very strong antibiotics.

Those antibiotics wrecked my gut's natural flora and fauna for about 2 years before I got back to normal. I remember my behind being raw because I had loose bowels and everything was just irritated.

Getting rid of the MRSA is going to be a tough road and your gut will suffer, sadly, but you will beat it if you take your meds as directed and complete the full course. As far as restoring your gut health, you'll need to likely consult a GI doctor.

AD ointment is your friend.


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Also, as a fellow Christian, God's faithfulness does not depend on you working to stay in his good graces. Start talking to him, now. God will be delighted to hear from you.

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I been talking to Him last nite and this morning. 

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Wow! That’s an awesome and scary story. I’m glad you’re better now though! I don’t have any wounds. It’s all inside my breast tissue. Causing bleeding and discharge from my nipples. I’ve gotten a few scripts already that had a disclaimer not to take with my health condition but doctor said it was best so I did. So I’m all flared up in many ways. Hoping this next script does it and doesn’t hurt me too much. 

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I hope your new script, helps, too. If you're not sure about your doctor, get a 2nd opinion. If you trust your doctor, sometimes they'll advise you to take something that would usually be contraindicated because it's the only thing that can address your medical issue.

Make sure your diet supports healing and reduces inflammation. Hang in there. Ridding yourself of MRSA is not an easy task.



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DH has circulation issues in his legs and it leads to chronic cellulitis infections, including MRSA. He's taken a variety of medications and has been hospitalized multiple times and I believe received both keflex and vancomycin in the hospital, but it's hard for me to keep track at this point. For a while, he preferred bactrim, because he felt like it was the most effective in treating his infections, but he had a terrible reaction to it. They thought he had Stevens-Johnson syndrome which leads you to have a terrible skin reaction and can lead to your skin peeling off, which can cause sepsis and death. Fortunately, it was either not Stevens-Johnson syndrome or they caught it early enough that his skin did not peel off, it was just bright red and flakey for about a week. He was told that Bactrim can often lead to Stevens-Johnson syndrome, so he hasn't taken it since. 

Two things that helped him - he now takes daily doxycycline. This keeps his cellulitis at bay. He was put on doxycycline by an infectious disease specialist, based on the type of infection he had. He also takes xarelto, which improves his circulation to the point where he is less likely to get an infection. The second one might not help you, but speaking to an infectious disease specialist and identifying a daily regimen to get things under control, could help. 

Good luck! Chronic infections are no fun!

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The infectious diesease specialist is who I see tomorrow. Scared as can be but hopeful and trusting God