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Dream of step daughter

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So I been praying on the situation and thinking on it with SD for past few weeks. I read in Bible study to just chill out and stop pushing and let her come to us. Well last nite I dreamed my step daughter and her best friend was in my birth daughters room and I was trying to fill a refrigerator in there  with healthy food options that I’d spent a lot of money and thought into buying and trying to fit it in the fridge. I couldn’t though because a huge television set was inside it and there was no room. I have long now been into trying to interpret my dreams and common representations of TV is slander gossip and meaninglessness. And refrigerators represent relationships becoming cold. Empty ones especially. And food is nourishment and good energy. So being full of slander gossip and meaninglessness making no room for the good really makes it clear to me. I really think I’m finally getting to a place of being content without her. My subconscious is accepting it and I keep telling myself she’s not my kid and I can’t fix anything for her. Disengagement with love is hard but possible. That’s what I’m choosing to believe and practice. 


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I hope that your health will be alright, Mamabear.

I worked as a Hospital Sleep Technologist and REM (dream) sleep is to do the brain's filing, convert some short-term memories to long-term and throw out the trash. So your brain IS sorting information about important matters (your SD) while you dream.

I have also experienced other types of dreams.