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New here!

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Hello! Mama Unicorn here. Happily married to my wonderful hubby for 3 1/2 years. Stepmom to 2 boys, 10 and 8. Mom to a boy, 2 1/2, and 10 weeks pregnant.
I don't know any other stepparents in real life, and when I vent to my parents & best friend, they can only echo my frustration but can't give any personalized advice.
Hubby is a good listener and of course understands the situation, but I need a voice of experience that's distanced from our specific situation. Also, he understandably sometimes gets triggered when I vent about the kids, so I have to censor that around him.
I love my stepsons as much as I love my own son, but you gotta admit, there's a whole lot more drama in the relationships with them!
The majority of the drama comes from BM, directly or indirectly by triangulation through the kids. I've read the book Divorce Poison cover to cover, and frequently refer back to it for "poison control" strategies. But I've often felt I needed a support group of real life stepparents.
I'm really glad to be here! Nice to meet you all.


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You will find a wide range of advice and experiences here. I hope you find it helpful!

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You'll find a wide a assortment of real life experience and advice here which will most likely be very useful.   The dynamic of stepfamilies rarely strays from the BM's script.

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Thank you! I've been lurking for some time, laughing and crying and nodding and rolling my eyes at all the familiar stories.

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This site will help you, as it does all of us.  What I like is the diversity of the members-all ages, nationalities, income levels, education, etc.  But we all have similar issues.  Good luck!

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I look forward to reading your stories of steplife.

I too have a drama-rama BM, Toxic Troll.

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Ah I have read some of your posts while lurking! I should come up with nicknames too.

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Which Ive accidentally used with Husband. oops. He has hos own nickname for TT - "The Beast". Because shes husky, short and hairy.

I dont want to insult beasts through.

Glad I could entertain you!