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Out of the mouth's of babes.

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So this past weekend my DW and I had to split family obligations, she had a cousin getting married several states away and I had a niece starting at a school not far from our home but far from her’s.

DW left late last Wednesday night and took GS, since he could visit and stay with his other GF (DW’s ex), GD and I were leaving Friday Morning to help my niece (and her Mom) with moving in and getting to know her new town, etc etc etc.

SD20 was told that I would be setting off some Bug Bombs when I was leaving and she needed to find other accomadations while GD and I were gone, plus the house would be all locked up and she couldn’t get in.  I also told DW I didn’t want her there when I wasn’t home because I don’t trust her, DW didn’t argue with me.  One mistake to the whole plan , I didn’t go and check to make sure that SD20’s window was locked, I don’t like going into her room because it is a pig sty and gawd knows what filth is floating around in there ( one of the main reasons for having to set off the Bug Bombs ! )

DW had a wonderful time catching up with family that she hadn’t seen for awhile and had some relaxation being totally kid free since GS stayed with other GF, we talked everyday, she was sad she couldn’t be there for my niece because she is very proud and attached to this girl, she really is an amazing kid, Author at 16, attending a Christian Leadership School at 17, just wow.

Saturday afternoon GD and I arrive home, we had a good time only one major meltdown from her but with a quick attitude adjustment she got back in line ( I’ve mentioned before she has a lot of issues due to her mother).  Driving up to the house I see the porch light on and I didn’t leave it on when we left so I already know that SD20 got in and gawd knows did what ( again I shoulda checked her window, that parts on me ).  Every light in the house is on, don’t know for how long they had been, but have to imagine that it took place in the night time, why else do you need all that light?  Plus now don’t know when doors and windows were opened and vented the bug bombs, so their effectiveness may have been compromised.

GD and I get unpacked, she comes to me at one point and tells me that SD20 wasn’t alone and she knows this because the toilet seat is up in the bathroom SD20 uses ( smart for an 8 y/o).  I text DW and ask if she knows anything about this and she says no.  Once we had got inside I had locked the unlocked front door,  lo and behold SD20 shows up maybe an hour after we got home, frantically trying to get in the door, GD unlocks and lets her in, SD20 is muttering something about being late for work ( not my problem), she does have a ride waiting for her in the drive way.

GD and I are just sitting down for dinner as SD20 is leaving, I Tell her she needs to turn off her bedroom light (after she is headed to the front door) as she has already p!ssed away enough of my paycheck being there when she wasn’t supposed to be in the first place.  She turns off her light, stomps out and slams the front door behind her, typical behavior.

Sunday is a typical day, laundry, house cleaning, etc.  Although I find that SD20 did a load of wash and left it in the washer ( again who knows how long ), I do throw it in the dryer for one cycle, if it’s still damp oh well I need the machines for the contributing members of the house and have GD dump them on SD20’s floor, SD20 did the same with a load from the dryer that DW had left but dumped it on the couch ( GD and GS clothes ).  SD20 never returned from the evening before, at least not to my knowledge.

Now this is where it gets good, GD has her first day of school today I get her up and she is excited, almost bounces out of bed, she asked me to turn on the bathroom light across from her room, she doesn’t know when it got turned off ( we leave it on for her at night ), I said well we must have had company during the night ( I heard nothing ).

When getting ready to leave, taking pictures , I ask GD to stick her head in her aunt’s room to see if she is in there, GD says she doesn’t want to because she is scared of who is in there (GD is scared of everything).  We are getting ready in the living room and GD says that aunties room and that very short hallway smells bad and that auntie doesn’t care about anyone else or she wouldn’t let it stink like that, I agree with her.  Before heading out the door I glance in the bathroom , there is a punk stick burning in a cup, which I promptly put out since it is a fire hazard and then look in SD20’s room, there she is sitting on her bed !  She heard her niece say all that about her!, the rooms are close enough and walls thin enough!  I just say I was checking to see if anyone was in there and leave.  Totally priceless !

Now of course she will be crying to DW when she gets home later today, but you reap what you sow, I’m totally ready for this!



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Hahahahaha! That is delicious. Having her lack of hygiene and manners pointed out by an 8 year old should light a fire under her adult arse. She should be too embarrassed to whine to mommy at her age.

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I am sorry if I am new to your situation.... How many grandkids are you and your wife raising and is one of them a baby? If so that is commendable especially considering you are also dealing with a 20 year old adult who shows no respect for your house rules.... I will be dead honest, I would hop off the crazy train and run for the hills!!! 

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Can’t run for the hills after over a decade but I see your point.  We are raising an 8 y/o and a just shy of 2 y/o, their mother (sd26) is currently incarcerated on drug charges, hopefully she stays there !

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SD20 basically cocked off to DW and said she would pay for whatever electricity (like that is all she used) she used and DW told her that’s not the issue the issue is that you were told to stay away from the house until Major got home and you didn’t,  you don’t follow our rules and have no respect for our home, DW words not mine.  No consequences but at least DW didn’t try to defend her.  DW also got a chuckle out of what GD said about SD20, wasn’t sure how that was going to go lol.

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So SD20 decided she would whine to Bio Dad about me and my comments about being in the house when she wasn’t supposed to be, “ You pissed away my paycheck being here when you weren’t even supposed to be here.”

Bio Dad let her rant for a few and then responded, “ Well He is the one who pays the electric bill.”

To bad so sad SD20, even Bio Dad knows you were wrong lol

Sadly even after DW explained to her that the real problem is her lack of appreciation, respect and regard for our home, she doesn’t get it, you just can’t fix stupid !

Just hoping that this is one more step towards getting her out of my home, that would be glorious !