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Moms against Cry It Out (CIO) - what do you think?

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I'd like to hear your opinion, steppers. I think this whole thread is a bit ridiculous, but that is obviously just my opinion. If you have experience on either side of the argument, I'd love to hear more.


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Okay, no CIO What next? Every kid gets a trophy even the ones who can hardly walk much less throw, catch, kick, run, swim, etc..... every kid passes every class even the ones who can't read, write, pass a test, etc......? Oh wait, we already did that. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!

This is nothing more than inept parenting that results in kids that never figure out how to care for themselves or even deal with childhood bullies. I actually saw a sign leading in to our neighborhood today that said NO BULLIES!. :jawdrop:

I would much rather have seen a sign that said "NO PUSSIES!!!"

I was a kid that did not like to fight and at least initially I was afraid of a fight so I did not stand up for myself. Until I got fed up with being bullied. So when I was ~13-14 I finally became fed up with being bullied and split a kids bottom lip so bad it was not attached until about mid way to the point of his chin. He had two flaps that were dangling and his bottom teeth were exposed. Rarely after that was I messed with. At that school everyone knew better and at later schools that I attended for the most part my confidence prevented it.

About a year after the busted lip incident we moved. At the new school I was a new guy, the girls were interested and the guys were not happy with my arrival. I was invited to the pool after school one day with all of the guys and girls. After a while the guys surrounded me in the pool and jumped on me trying to hold me under the water. Bad idea. I was an AAU state champion swimmer and if there is one place you did not want to mess with me it was in the water. I tore a bunch of guys up by staying under the water and playing havoc on their nuts. I did some significant damage to several testicles that day. A few of the guys had to go to the ER.

I am aware that my sentiment may be a bit offensive but WTF????? :? Kids need to learn for themselves and gain confidence. Since when does letting a kid cry hurt them? Tens of thousands of years of human history proves this don't let them cry theory to be utter bullshit.

Letting a kid cry it out is bad parenting? If the kid is fed, dry, not sick, uninjured then let them cry. Rather than giving every kid a trophy give them to ones who win them. Rather than social promotion that results in HS graduates who can not read, do basic math or otherwise function as non criminal members of society let the kids work it out for themselves. Let the wussies learn how to stand up for themselves, the bullies suffer some severely split lips with minor reconstructive surgery, let the bullies who mess with the wrong kid have a few ruptured testicles and if the occasional kid never learns to stand up for themselves .... then that is on them.

But oh, lets not let a kid cry themselves to sleep.

No F-in wonder why we are giving in to the entitlement class instead of supporting the productive class. Instead of supporting their non productive rampant breeding we should be letting the entitlement class live in refrigerator boxes under an over pass until they figure out how to CRY IT OUT!!!!!

I suppose I don't need to give my direct opinion on this anti CIO article.

Ph.D in parenting? More like PhD. in coddling.

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Are people serious with this crap? As long as the baby's actual needs are being met, there is nothing wrong with letting them cry it out. This is why we have entire generations of spoiled entitled brats who will never be fully functional adults.

I'm so over this nouveau parenting crap.

(This said as a BM, not a step.)