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Advice Please: What actually happens if you call the cops on BM?

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We have been advised on several occassions to call the cops on BM for breaking the CO.

What will this actually achieve? Are there any real consequences to her?

Has anyone had any luck with this?


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Based on my experience working at a police department, most of this is documented only, you didn't specify how she's breaking the CO, if she's interfering with you seeing the child and not allowing visitation, in IL a citation can be issued for parental alienation, that is usually not given out on the first offense but if she does it a second time she is cited and has to answer to the court, All of the police reports can be supeoned and used in family court, The police have no authority to enforce most stuff in a CO due to most of it being civil in nature and not criminal. the blocking of visitation can be considered criminal. Hope that helps.

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sorry its not parental alienation they are charged with, its interfering with parental rights if they don't allow a parent to see a child as ordered.

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Willful Interference with Court Ordered Visitation. That is what the Contempt of Court charge for PB stated.

And for TWO PAGES of missed/denied visitations....she got a slap on the wrist with a $500 Contempt of Court fine paid to DH.

I'm pretty damn certain that my DH would have RATHER had the visitations than the damn $500!

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Sorry. I should have been more specific.

She tries to screw DH out of the holidays pretty regularly. Anytime there is a break and the kids have time off, BM starts rewriting the CO so that DH does not get the kids for the actual day of the holiday.

She's doing it right now. Again. So, instead of us getting them for a solid week during xmas, she will try to rearrange the schedule so that we get them for the first two days and the last five--placing her "week" of custody directly at the center of the christmas break so that she gets them on christmas day.

So, essentially we DO get to see the kids during holidays, but not as much as dictated by the CO and not during the time periods dictated by the CO.

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THis is what I know. ALWAYS have your paperwork in your hands when the police come. At longs they can read it then they have to abide by it. They will go to BM and say he has paperwork and it says he has the kids for this holiday. A report will be taken anyhow. Which is good because if you end up back in court it shows her tactics that Judges do frown on when Mothers use kids as pawns. So first on your checklist is make sure you have your paperwork and maybe highlight it where the important stuff is for the officer to read. Ya know what Im saying.

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The problem is that she has them for the first week of the break. I think she will "get stuck" on the other side of the state, where her family lives, and return them after the holiday. However, this is a good idea for next year because we'll have them for the beginning of the break next time around.