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I'm not real sure...

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So I'm not real sure how this works and what all the abreviations are...

So I'm a step mom to an 11 year old who I swear is trapped in a 2 year olds body!! My husband is a sensitive guy very caring (almost to caring) so he likes to talk to his son in a baby voice sometimes.. DRIVES ME INSANE!!!!! but if I mention anything about it, nothing is done! So now I have am 11yr old sissy as a step son! What makes this whole thing so much harder is that it's not his biological son! But yet we pay the selfish baby mama %650 a month in child support which goes to pay for her brand new Jaguar! It's a long story behind this mess I just feel like I can't do anything right when it comes to setting rules in the house.. Every time I try, I'm wrong! And I'm guilty of paying more attention to our son(my first) then to my step son which we get him every weekend.. Idk I just needed to vent a little to others who can relate to this...


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Welcome. In general, the abbreviations are available in the FAQ section. Some of us use modifications such as ex-DH which is my "Ex-Dear-Husband."

There are some super StepMom's/BirthMom's (SM/BM) on this site with great advice. Sounds like you have quite a situation in your household, and duh, you will most likely always love your bio-son more than anyone else's child. Wink

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I'm new to this but find that it will be helpful! I have brought up the effects of baby talk and its like he just doesn't get it.. So I've started mocking him and making fun of him so he realizes how ridiculous he sounds.. Its almost like HW does it out of habit.. When he talks to our son in a baby talk I'll go back and tell my son the exact same thing DH just said but in a regular voice.

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He just learned about 2yrs ago that it wasn't his son.. But if you ask him its his son he's been there since the beginning which is fine it just makes things more difficult when BM pulls her shit and comes after us for more money.. She's the one who cheated and left SS and DH alone while she went on trip for work.. She came after us for more money when she got caught cheating on her fiance (her money bags) well they got back together and married in sept. And she can't seem to figure out why I hate her... She was broke so she came after DH for more money all when our son was almost here.. She's already ruined her family I'll be damned if she ruins mine! Now that she remarried she told DH "I'm sorry, I didn't think it would work"

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HA! Funny story... We know the biodad he went to school with H! My DH doesn't want to ruin SS life by telling him. Idk maybe I have a different outlook on it and I believe that the SS should know! Its sad that our son looks IDENTICAL to DH while my SS looks NOTNING like him at all! But my DH claims that's his boy no matter what.. AMD I understand that , I really do! So I had an idea of threatening the BM that we would tell SS the truth unless she dropped CS! Lol I know its shady but $650 for an 11,year old I feel is ridiculous!! Especially since it's going to pay her $975 car payment! I can't prove it but let's be real here.. Her job isn't paying that payment! Its come to the point where I want to do an at home paternity test and then meet up the BM for lunch and have a nice discussion on how things are going to be or else I'm telling SS the entire truth!! Idk maybe that's childish of me

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My DH was there through the entire pregnancy they got married had the baby (this whole time he thought it was his) they were married about 4yrs before she cheated.. My SS is 11and my DH didn't find out about the possobilty of another dad until about 2 maybe 3yrs ago. Come to find out BM friends called DH up one day and said that the BM told her DH wasn't the father! So of course DH confronts BM and she denies it.. BM just picked the better of the two to be the father of her child! She's that selfish!