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BM to get paperwork asking for more custody of FSD7 and a redution in CS today

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Any advice on what to expect? Thanks!


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Good luck , you are going to need it. My ex tryed everything to block my reduction and the court believed her. May the force be with you.

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Thank you Pat! May I ask what happened? We are in CA (if that makes a difference). I am sure BM will cry/lie/plead/scream do whatever she can to block this as well. I am trying to convince FDH to pay her the "equalization payment" he owes her from their divorce 3 years ago. He has never been late on the payments but she went behind his back and took money from FSD's 7 summer camp and he is so angry about it he didn't pay her this month. He has never missed CS but I am worried the courts will look at FDH harshly. All of this is so depressing Sad . Thanks again!

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Thanks vickmeister, mission: duck and cover!
That's what I am afraid of! :jawdrop: I feel bad that FDH's timing is off, BM will have FSD7 this weekend and I don't even want to imagine the BS she will be spreading around her 1 bedroom apartment (already littered with 4 indoor cats, and 2 birds)!!!

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We decided to make our requests in two separate motions. We have court next week for the visitation changes and then we plan on filing a motion to modify CS. It costs a little more to do it this way but we didn't want them lumped together.

Good luck. When our BM was served we never heard a word about it. She hadn't said anything about the impending court date until today. Funny how sometimes they act totally opposite from what you expect them to. Let us know!

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Thanks Wife, that gives me some hope (I can't decide everything Wink clearly ) Maybe she will surprise us and handle the situation with class and understanding }:) .