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my "done-ness" is catching on!

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well first i want to update about SS9. he got to go home the other night. BM called FMIL and asked her why FH had not called to check on SS. MIL told her well if you were him and he treated you the way you treat him would you call? she said that she said that he couldnt come up, but i didnt say he couldnt call! WTH?!?!?! well she said that he could call when they got home and left a time frame he could call in. he called and left a message on the machine.... no call back! so he told me last night that he was done trying to please them. he never did anything wrong, that she was the one that cheated and he cant do it anymore. he also said that they were old enough to know that he loves them and they are old enough to make the decison to come and visit. so basically hes done.

MIL extended an invite to all 4 of the skids for them to come stay with her this summer. but only one SD14 took her up on the offer. she is MIL's "pick" anyways. but she bought her a new cell phone and mp3 player and clothes... all kinds of stuff! well she hasnt called her at all since shes been back home. and she is tired of BM calling her everytime something happens or she wants something. she also said she was done.

yesterday i went to see my therapist (i love that woman!!!). i told her that i was done wtih all the drama that is going on with the skids. i told her that after all the stuff was said and done last wk i found this site. she told me that i was very resourceful. she also said that she knows that im serious about this bc i sought outside support from ppl who are going through the same things i am. it was very liberating to be able to get through the whole story about last wk with out shedding a tear. i suprised myself! but i have to say that i still have the hope deep down that me and FH and the skids can get along.... but i also know and except the fact i cant hold my breath!

now to the fun part! well im 23 wks pregnant. i went to have an u/s today. it was confirmed that it is a boy! Noah Grayson will be here in dec! my mom went with me. she was sooooo excited! lol she was cute! i woud post pics on here but i dont think you can. but its alright! neways i hope everyone has a great day!!! >>>> hugs <<<< to all!


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Congrats on the baby boy!! Cute name btw!!

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Thank you! We are excited! We were going to name him Noah Riley. But we chose Grayson bc if we were going to have another girl her middle name was going to be grace after my grandma. So we chose Grayson to fit "Grace" in there somewhere.

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I love the name Noah and would like to name my son that if DH and I ever get around to having children of our own. Congrats again and best wishes!

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You have to set these boundaries to protect your own sanity! Congratulations on the baby!!!! Smile
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Noah Grayson is a really cute name!! I'm 21 weeks, but we're having a girl. No idea about the name yet.

I agree with Most Evil, you need to set boundaries. Especially because you can't be stressed right now! That baby needs a healthy Mama. Smile

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