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Ready to give up..

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Don't know where to start on this.. Not like I'll get much time to write much anyways...I just want my life back.. My kids are 18,23 n 24 and my youngest has just left home.. I live in a one bed flat since my youngest left.. So my partner has moved in with me and now brought his 16yo daughter along.. She sleeps in my front room on a sofa bed.. Tho my partner has his own flat next door.. Its now come to the stage where her dirty clothes make up and everything else are left laying about..she refuses to clean up after herself.. And I'm the one buying her toiletries and food etc and she still has to use all my stuff. Feels like I'm just getting used. Then there is the other two skids 9 n 14 who are here for tea every day and sleep (on my Sofa's) 2-4 times a week. I can't afford it. I've talked with my partner and he says I'll pay..but does when asked. Kind of lol... But its the snots and shit being wiped on my bathroom walls that pisses me off..going to the toilet and sitting on a piss soaked seat then having to wash my self.. I have FMS which leaves me fatigued and my body in constant cleaning can be abit hard for me at times .. If my posts are cut short its because I'm in the bathroom typing lol the only place I have to chill..


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Time to tell your SO that it's time for him to move back to his own place. He can spend nights with you, on the days he doesn't have the 9 and 14 yr olds. 16 is old enough to be left alone (unless, she's troubled) I mean he's just next door. No need to live this way and be miserable.

Best of luck to you. Smile

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If he has his own flat next door, why move in? It sounds like you live close enough to each other that you don't necessarily need to live together, especially considering his children are disrespectful and don't clean up after themselves. And it sounds like he can't afford them if you're the one paying for things. Did he move in with you so he could better afford his kids? Or better yet, have you pay for them? It sounds like it, and if that's the case, you need to tell him to go back to his flat.

He can get a babysitter or pay the 16 year old to watch the younger two and come over to your flat on weekends. You definitely don't need to be living together if it's costing YOU money and stress.

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I went thru something like this. After my youngest had moved out and I had my life back, the skids were taken from BM. DSO just blurted out to the court he would take the skids.

I should have made him leave then, but I really thought that BM would get her act together and get her kids back. She didn't even try. After a few years, I had to speak up and set my boundaries. SD is a good kid and I don't mind her too much. The SS were violent and tried to split DSO and I many times. DSO was told either he got his own place with SS or SS went to live with BM.

If you don't speak up now and set your boundaries that you are comfortable with, it will get worse, not better. I'm not a confrontational person but my health was suffering and I was losing my mind.

Have this talk now. He may get very upset with you but its that or you could get high blood pressure or any other medical problems from the stress of the skids.

Good Luck.