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The paternity/custody drama continues

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Well everyone, it's been about 2 weeks since my DH swore he'd get this whole mess with sd sorted out.  In his defense he did talk to a lawyer in sd homestate.  The lawyer told him it was hopeless because she is too old and in the divorce decree between her mother and her ex husband she is included as his child.  This leaves my DH with no way to get paternity established in that state. 

Looking for some clarity in a confusing situation

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Hello everyone, I haven't posted since September.  Well I'll give a quick summary of the situation first.  I've been married to my DH for about 2 years now.  He has a 4 year old child with a woman that was already married that he has no legal rights or custody arrangement with.  He continues to send the amount they agreed upon for child support and dreams of one day getting custody.  His ex lied to him about her marital status when they made the child and between her extortion and tantrums I'm not a big fan.  

Cautiously Optimistic

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DH and I had a lengthy talk about SD and having an ours baby.  I laid everything out there, my concerns about bm and sd.  My worry about how it would impact our family and never wanting to feel isolated in our home.  At first DH was very sad, he had this perfect image of SD coming to live with us full time and being raised with ours babies.  

Adding a baby to the mix?

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Hello everyone,

I'm really struggling whether or not I should have children with DH.  We are both in our mid thirties, he has one daughter with a hcbm that is quite the piece of work.  I've set some boundaries with him around that drama (no unnecessary communication with bm, no $ sent even if she is theatening him again and no sd staying at our house until he actually gets some type of legal custody).  Sd has never been to his home in the past and I can see BM calling CPS or 911 and claiming he kidnapped sd.