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Why can't a sinkhole swallow them all MAJOR VENT

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Ok so maybe not seriously, but I can dream right lol? Everyone remembers the pissing and moaning that went on over this God awful Barbie Princess bike right? DH bought it for the ungrateful little brat, and decided not to give it to her bc SD was acting so horribly on Christmas Eve. MIL and FIL took it upon themselves to tell her she had the bike so that DH would've felt like a total ass at that point to take it back. MIL just called and told DH that they were thinking and decided that SD "didn't really need it yet, bc it's so cold here and that we should just save it till her bday in April when she can use it more" :jawdrop:

These fucking dimwits pissed and moaned for weeks about how this kid "needed" this stupid bike, and now they pull this! Of course now that they are saving the bike they now think DH should buy the brat something else for Christmas since we only bought her 2 other small toys totalling $20. Not gonna happen lady!! I am livid, just livid. We pay $375 for the kid, and since my son is born they are ramping up the crazy left and right, they never say a word about what we should buy our son, but for some reason CS doesn't seem to count, that's already money we never even see, I guess we should just sign our whole damn checks to SD, and if there's any change left over I guess that can go to my son!! I know they are just pissed bc we got him so much for Christmas, but oh well, GOD I HATE THEM SO MUCH.


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Sinkhole! I love it. I always hoped for a meteor strike to take out my SS's SpermClan family reunion.

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They have a lot of say bc BM has a crap RO against DH, that he never contested when she applied for it bc he really didn't think it would ever be granted considering she had zero evidence. Bc of that MIL and FIL are the visitation place for SD, and all her junk is kept at their house. They just love to guilt him over this that he hardly sees the kid, nevermind bc she is looney like her mother. They seem to resent anything we do for our son.