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When do they stop eating like pigs?

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SS10 eats like a pig. Skewers food on his fork, mass quantities of it and then proceeds to eat it like a corndog on a stick. He has no knowledge of proper use of utensils. NONE. He has to be reminded at EVERY bite how to do it correctly. EVERY SINGLE BITE. I refuse to take the pig to a restaurant. I'm going to fake an upset stomach tonight to get out of eating at the table with the disgusting pig! Dogs are easier to train.


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*MY* son does the same thing and he's 7. Massive bites and continues stuffing food into an already full mouth. It's a boy thing, my brother did it too and so did my husband when he was a kid.

Boys are just in a hurry to get done so they can move on to other more exciting things. It'll pass...just keep reminding over and over, he'll eventually get it.

I always say to choochoo, "um honey, no one is gonna steal it from you! slow down."

Of course, your SS could be doing it bc he knows you hate it. Or he's just a typical boys boy...bad table manners and all.

No reason to call a ten year old a disgusting pig though...that's a little harsh. You are still talking about a little boy.

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SD11 chews with her mouth hanging open. I just don't look at her while she's eating...can't sit next to her either bc then I hear her chewing with her mouth hanging open...

I just avoid looking at her til the meal is over.

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." ~Judy Garland

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PPPPHHHHHFFFFFFTTT. Boys have nothing on my SD. Step-demon (sd14) is a disgusting eater. Forget using a napkin, the back of her hand or shirt sleeve will work just fine. And while she's wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she always makes sure to hit her nose at the same time. about the way she stuffs so much food in her mouth that the squirrels in our neighborhood get jealous. Don't leave out the chewing with her mouth wide open. Or my favorite, holding a conversation while she has chewed up food the size of a softball in her mouth! That's the best.

Fork and knife? WTF are those things? Step-demon attempts to eat most meals with her fingers.

Don't forget the loud, wet belching (mainly because she doesn't chew her food properly) and forgetting to excuse herself.

And the one inch ring of food particles circling the plate when she's done. We have to pull out the shop-vac to clean up after her.

Please, please, please step-demon, don't say thank you for making all your favorite foods for dinner and please criticize everything we prepared for you especially. We love it!

With all due respect to my DH, she learned the bulk of these from him. Though he has toned it down a lot, he's not great and it doesn't help when he does it in front of his kid. And UberSkank....we all know she's a P I G pig.

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I think setting a timer might help. He can't get up from the table until the timer goes off, maybe that will slow him down.

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It doesn't get any better - Spongebob (BS14) is terrible. He's my own son, and he is a disgusting pig. He will scarf his food down as fast as he can. He uses his hands, he has food all around his mouth, and extra spit too. He's the oldest and his place at the table is the messiest.

We've been eating together more as a family around the table. I keep a very stiff Christmas wrapping paper tube on hand so I can bonk the kids in the head when I see their manners are lacking.

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LOL that is so funny!!
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I haven't eaten with a kid yet that didn't gross me out at some point during the meal. Matter of fact, my mom has great pictures of ME eating when I was a kid and I have food everywhere but IN my mouth! It's a kid thing. Table manners is just one of those things a kid has to learn.

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I posted this in another post. My stepkids eating habits are really embaressing. I won't take them out to eat. They manage to get food everywhere. ANd they eat things like sugar (Yes pure white granulated sugar), and will hoard it so that we can't see them eating it. By the time we see it their is sticky sugar over everything! They don't know how to eat with utensils. My hubby said it best when he said, "Wow, your mom really has lets you eat like piggies doesn't she".

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I love my son to death, and he is a terrific kid. BUT.... he does this sometimes too. Last night for instance we ate at a buffet (YUK, gag, but it was his turn to choose)anyway, I swear to you he grossed me out entirely! He wasnt piggish about it, he just consumed so much food! He does have a tendency to "forget" his manners when he is going through a growth spurt becuase he is so hungry at every meal.

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Yes, he does have knowledge of how to eat with utensils correctly. He just chooses not to. Whatever his motivation is - the attention he gets as you or someone is constantly reminding him how to eat, or people telling him he is gross (a compliment to most 10 year old boys), or just that he is too hungry to care about eating the proper way - he is deciding to eat that way. I think that this is a very common kid thing. A lot of kids have pretty bad table manners, and most parents have to beat it into their kids' heads (literally or figuratively) to eat like civilized people and not like animals. I have visions of what I will do to break my kids of these types of behaviors if it is a problem beyond like, 7 or 8 years old. Maybe I'll buy them baby plates and utensils and tell them if they are going to eat like a baby then they will have to eat off of baby dishes with baby silverware. When they prove they can eat like a big kid then they can use the regular plates and utensils again. I don't know, I'll just have to cross that bridge when we get to it I guess Smile

SS(11) will skewer food occasionally (usually pork chops) and hold it up in the air to take bites out of it, but we don't say anything about it. Every now and then I will ask him if he can please chew with his mouth closed because I can't stand to listen to someone chomp away with their mouth wide open, and he obliges. He used to eat that way all the time but soon after he started coming to our house on visitation we got him to pay more attention and chew with his mouth closed (I wonder if BM chews with her mouth open or if it's just a kid thing). Watching (and listening to) the kid try to cut anything with a knife is really nerve-wracking though...he likes to saw his food really hard with the knife and always puts it in contact with the fork so it makes really loud sounds as he is sawing away, much harder and more enthusiastically than necessary to cut food...

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OH my goodness; this is so funny!! My BS9 doesn't even chew is food hardly; just swallows it whole. When I set the table I will do his, BS4, Dad, BD11, SD13 and then my the time I sit down my son is already done and asking for seconds.....Meanwhile my daughter is stairing at him like........ :jawdrop: