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ET is single again...

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Apparently her DH packed his stuff and left. Eff. That leaves ET taking care of herself and being alone, and I have no idea what that's going to look like because that has never happened before. There was always someone waiting in the wings, or the boys were there, or her mom was around.

The good news is that I don't think she can make enough money to move back around here on her own. The bad news is that this could stir up drama. I'm not concerned about her, but I am concerned about how she'll make the SSs feel now that she's alone.

Perhaps I should wait and see if this one returns like the last one did...


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Crudmuffins. While I'm sure you are not surprised her DH skeedaddled, I sincerely hope she doesn't make waves for the SSs. Sad

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That's my concern. I don't want YSS feeling like he needs to be there for his mom. I'm not certain he would, but it definitely plays in the back of my head.

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Our BM goes to one extreme or the other when single, either she becomes 100% focused on her relationship with the skids and our life becomes a hell of emails and text messages or she ignores them and they live at her parents house when they're not here so she can go out drunk hunting for the next sucker. I hope you get something like the latter, at least it's quiet.

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Oh no I really hope for your YSS sake she does not decide it's time to start being MOTY! Here's hoping she finds some new victim soon.

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I know thats a possibility. Toxic Troll does that when she crashes and burns through a dude. But shes not entangled with anyone right now. Only "onliners". Hopefully ET can trap another victim.

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Hopefully she does find another victim and doesn't decide to make waves for anyone