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Mom example helped Steve Ford fight addiction

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But years after his mother entered treatment for dependence on painkillers and alcohol, spoke publicly about substance abuse and founded a rehab center, Ford found himself addicted to alcohol.

With her support, he sought help and has been sober for 19 years.

Ford will speak about addiction, his parents and life in the White House at the Doorways of Hope luncheon to benefit Alpha Home, a nonprofit that provides substance abuse treatment to women.

Making the stars shine

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Emma Trask is the costume designer for the show, which is screening on C4 on Wednesday nights - and just like the original series in the 1990s, the fashion is deliciously over-the-top and LA. Sequin dresses? Plunging necklines? High high stilettos? Check, check and check.

"The reason I was so excited to do this show was because I was a big fan of the original," says Trask.