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What do they eat??

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Ok, for the past few weeks, I was having a hard time with the numbers on here.
What are your skids eating that they are so big?
Or is their size normal?
Height to weight ratios...
How are so many of them well over 200 pounds as teenagers?
Please don't give me a lecture on fat shaming because I am not interested.

What I am interested in is what these kids or skids are eating on a normal day - and how that compares to what you have as your diet or on a normal day.
Do they play any sport?
Again, I am just having a hard time processing these numbers for kids / teenagers.


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I'll start! 

My SS is 6'2" and 250ish lbs, would be my guess. He says 210, but that's a joke.  DH is 5'6" and around 155 lbs. So how he spawned this giant thing, I do not know, except that BM is taller than him, and DH also has short brothers with tall sons.

What does he eat? I don't know, he doesn't live here anymore.  He said proudly that BM told him he eats $150/wk in food. He drinks a lot of pop and likely eats takeout a lot.

No sports or exercise unless you count video gaming.  He's definitely overweight and headed for obesity.

Remember Letti - this is 'Murica, where obesity is rampant.

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Thank you so much for starting, tog.
Its not so much the size that worries me, it is the health issues.

Yeah, I was talking to a friend of mine about the numbers recently and she also can't believe American children are really this size, both height-wise and weight.

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I'm tempted to say SS is not DH's son, but they share a relatively rare genetic illness. And his brothers are short with tall sons, too, so better nutrition is part of it.

Americans eat like crap, by and large, and American children eat even worse.  SS said the doctor he sees for the genetic illness told him to lose weight and he thought the doctor was crazy, that he's just fine at "210". If he's 210, then I'm the Queen of England.

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One of the most fascinating places I visited when I was in the States recently was The CheeseCake Factory.
When it comes to eating crap by the truck-load of empty calories, this place was fantastically amazing!!
That and Walmart.
A trip to Walmart needs to be on every tourist's agenda!
Amazing place!
Sure beat 3 days at Disneyland for "interesting" and culture shock value.

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Loooooordt. Walmart is an awful place, isn't it. Oh the things you see...and wish you hadn't. 

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... some of us lurve Walmart! 

Don't hate! Biggrin

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Count me in! I love the online order and pick-up and it's cheaper than Target. But Target has a better selection of high end make up and house decor. 

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Yes, those kinds of restaurants serve meals that are the caloric equivalent of 3 meals, at least. And people eat the whole thing! When I go out to eat, I always come home with a doggy bag.

Walmart, well - what can you say about Walmart. The people there are special.

We also have giant supermarkets that aren't full of scary people, but they are full of food. If you are in the Northeast ever, visit a Wegmans.  125,000 sq. ft stores that have everything you could ever need.

People have totally lost awareness of what a portion size is, for sure. I will say, though - obesity is increasing everywhere, including in the UK.

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Obesidy is on the rise worldwide. If America disgusts you so much and you hate the food, why did you visit?

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Where did I say America disgusts me?
I said it was an interesting and fascinating culture shock.

Yes, obesity is on the rise world-wide, what I am trying to see here is what people are eating out of interest.
Don't like the thread?
Stay off it or get your sensitivity level checked.

Why did I visit?
Work requirement, with a few days off for sight-seeing
And no, I don't want to live in the US.
I am quite happy where I am.
We aren't all trying to move there, contrary to some media reports, so you are safe.
I am also not Norwegian, so I don't think I am the kind of immigrant you want anyway.

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The Cheesecake Factory completely floors me.  They had to start putting nutritional info on their menu and it took me forever to find something that was not an automatic "no f*cking way!"  Why on earth would I deliberately order something that has 50+ fat grams in just the entree???  I suppose if you were not aware of it that would be one thing but how could you enjoy it knowing what you were putting in your body?  And then to order dessert on top of it?  Yikes.  The people I was with, except for one other woman also picking at the same grilled salmon and steamed vegetables that I had ordered, were perfectly fine with it but I felt ill just looking at all the food on our table.

My skids are of normal weight in their late teens/early 20's.  BM never lost the baby weight but had previously been slim.  They inherited good genes and hopefully will not blow them by developing bad habits later.

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I'm confused about the Cheesecake Factory comment. 

I don't eat there a lot (I think I've eaten there 3 times in my entire life, in fact) but everytime I have eaten's seemed like a fairly healthy menu. Tons of lighter options, small plate options...salads. 

I mean...obviously if you get the cheesecake that's a whole different ball game. But their lunch and dinner menus have plenty of healthy and reasonably-sized options. 

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I was told the same thing by another woman.  I wonder if they have different versions in different parts of the country?  For example, the Cheesecake Factory that Penny worked in on The Big Bang Theory looked nothing like the one in Inner Harbor Maryland.  Not even close.  Hers was kind of a standard restaurant.  The Inner Harbor one is gigantic and the menu is literally a spiral bound book with a separate one for the desserts and another for cocktails.  And even if you only ordered a burger, fries, and a beer you were looking at around $18ish for the most basic burger (but it would be huge) and $8-12 depending on the brand for the beer.  

Maybe they are different in larger cities and tourist areas?  Bigger and more emphasis on indulgent foods.  To be fair, they do not really market themselves as an "everyday" restaurant but more of a "come and enjoy" place.

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First off, the menu was a book!
I have never seen one place provide so many options, I feel sorry for their kitchen staff.
They did have a "Skinnylicious" (?) menu option which seems to be their healthier options, but I was not interested.

On the whole, I personally found the bulk of menu extremely calorific and unhealthy - and I come from where some numpty felt the need to invent a deep fried Mars bar...
However, people do not eat there everyday - I hope - so I don't think people normally take in a day's worth of calories in one meal.
I did.
I loved it, but I won't recommend it for anything other than an occassional visit, unless you are on the healthy menu options (which was two pages hidden in a humungous book) or looking to eat yourself into a heart attack.
The food was good and the cheesecake was excellent!

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I'm an overeating obese Canadian and I just went to a Cheesecake Factory for the first time and I thought it was too much food. I probably ate two days of caloric intake in one sitting having salad and some of the mountaineous piece of cheesecake I've ever seen that was so absolutely delicious!!! 10/10 would do again - but maybe once a year, lol.

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I’m about ten pounds overweight (after losing 43lbs or something) and I am not told my weight is okay. My waist circumference is okay though thank god!


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Well done on the weight loss Smile

I am "normal weight" but I sure can do with being a bit more toned.
Sitting behind a desk for most of the day, isn't great.

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Yeah it’s not good for heart to sit around. Even walking is good exercise. I just walked around 10km (I know, I’m insane.) Walking is in my blood though. 

I guess I’ve lost about 3 stone? Don’t ask me how many KG lol.

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and remains the same to this day:

doritos, mcdonalds mcnuggets, fries, cheese pizza, reeses peanut butter cups, oreos by the sleeve, mac and cheese, soda, chocolate ice cream, hot dogs, donuts

no fruit, no veg

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My guess is, whatever they want, whenever they want. Also allowed to do whatever they wanted - including nothing (like video games for 16hours straight).

My formerSS13 was not overweight, but starting to get chubby. I'm sure his eating habits and (lack) activity will catch up with him soon (if they haven't already; I haven't seen him in about a year and a half now).

He was allowed free reign in the kitchen, if he was hungry/thirsty he could have whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. 14 cans of soda in one day - well the boy needs to drink something right? Hungry 25 minutes before dinner? Eat an entire bag of potato chips, 2 snack cakes an entire jar banana peppers and three finger scoops of peanut butter - ok! The boy is growing and needs to eat! Not hungry for the balanced dinner I cooked? Well, you can't FORCE him to eat... that would be "mean". It was absoultly disgusting. 

He also HAD to have a basketball hoop, top of the line bicycleS, skate boards, etc etc, but never used them - sat infront of the 50" tv he had in his bedroom playing video games instead. But hey, all the "stuff" looked good on instagram. 


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Yes, when SS was visiting (up until he turned 15), he was not overweight. 4 years of being allowed to do whatever he pleased at BM's, eat what he wants, game all the time, and puberty combined put him where he is now.

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14 cans of soda a day???
Sorry even half that amount, jeez, his poor liver.

How does anyone do 16 hours of anything?
Gaming for 16 hours - isn't his brain fried?
If I do 16 hours at work because we are busy, I get home zonked!

This is incredible!
Just. WOW.


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My SS does that with regularity. I would bet he's binged on gaming for a lot more hours than that.  It's what teen boys do when they have no parents.

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Like I said, it was disgusting. 

Yes, really that much soda EVERY DAY. Over a 12 pack of soda every day... I don't drink as much soda in a month as he does every day. Honestly, months can go by that I do not drink soda. And the amount of junk food/fast food was disgusting too.

My oldest son (never lived with former steps as he had gone to college before we met) RARELY got soda as a child...or teen! MAYBE once a week, but not even every week. And we RARELY had junk food in the house - I would buy tortilla chips for a fun mexican food night or would get chips and some soda if he was having a friend stay overnight. Those items were RARE TREATS. And you know, he never felt like he was "missing out". We had fruit, cut up veggies, etc. all the time if a snack was wanted. And I would typically MAKE something like banana bread or perhaps cookies once a week - but homemade baked goods are a heck of a lot better then store bought snack junk cakes. 

The differences in diet were...difficult. Living with people that do not have the same diet/food choices is extremely difficult. 


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I haven't drank 12 sodas in the last 12 years - we never got it as kids either. It's a big waste of calories, to me. I don't get the fascination with soda.

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WHAT?! Artificially colored and flavored high fructose corn syrup water doesn't sound good to you? LOL

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You forget the bubbles!
Carbonated wonderment - must be what makes it so good.

(Gross! Bad )

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Soda sometimes gives me a stomach ache. Sometimes I’ll have a diet soda as a treat but only if we go out. Don’t have it in our home. 

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He was, well I am sure still is.

On top of poor hygiene and rude- downright mean behavior it was waaaay too much for me to deal with. 


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That’s too much for anyone who is still breathing. My stepslug mostly stays in his hovel of a bedroom.

I am 99.5% disengaged and this is a skidless weekend. Hallelujah!

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I am in the U.S.  And the idea of drinking 14 cans of soda in a day is shocking to me. My kids (bio and skid) are allowed 1 soda a day at dinner, if we have it in the house.  Otherwise, they drink water or milk.  I can't imagine my kids eating  or drinking that much sugar.  We usually allow dessert each night but only 1 serving.  I don't understand how so many parents aren't concerned with what their kids are eating, especially with the risk of diabetes.

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Yeah, I have never heard of someone drinking 14 cans of soda, no matter where they live.
It is over the top.
As a kid, I also generally got water, milk or juice.
No soda.

The risks of diabetes is huge - I was screened as pre-diabetic because of my erratic eating and hectic work schedule a few years ago and I had to make drastic changes.
It had nothing to do with my weight, which was in normal range, but with the amount of nonsense I was eating.
I had to change my diet - cut the crap - to reverse that health warning.
I really do worry about these kids because it is not healthy.

(Strangely I never asked what American kids are eating and drinking.
There seems to be some sensitivity on this.
I asked what are your skids or kids eating or drinking.
Half the time I forget most of these people are in the US, and as a few pointed out, they are in Canada. 
Couple of Brits here too.
Seems all over we are eating and drinking badly. )


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Chicken nuggets 

fast food burgers 

boxed Mac and cheese 

Sodas by the case

junk food 

feral eating

zero salads or vegetables (unless you count French fries )


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Look, I really don't mean to be rude, but is his body a garbage disposal??
Wow. Okay, it is all starting to make sense.
In a bad way.

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I am not sure if my s/kids are of interest, but they are not over 200 pounds.

BS13 on his paediatric check up in December was 5 foot 8 and 121 pounds / 54.8kg. He is growing like a weed at the moment! (It is projected that he will be 6 foot 3 possibly 4.)  He probably looks a bit thin, but his BMI for his age is within the normal range. He does play sport - both cricket and football (soccer) and is quite a physically active child. Plays sport on a Saturday and normally has at least two practices in  a week.

Estimate on SS18 is that he is 6 foot tall and weighs around 160 pounds or 72 kg. His build is normal. He plays field hockey. He has one game and one practice in a week.

Food wise, breakfast is usually preferably high fat, low carb. I make sure they both have breakfast in the morning, especially because I need to eat. (Or I am cranky!!)
Breakfast rotates two days same then 1 day something else in the week. Two days is normally boiled or fried egg (in butter), on a slice of wholewheat or rye toast with cheese - and a mix of herbs, tomato, onion. mushroom, green pepper and onion. Kids get a rasher of non-smoked bacon with their breakfast. I will have coffee, the kids have juice or milk. SS sometimes has coffee.
The alternate day is something milk-based, so it is a non-sugared bran cereal with fruit and full fat milk;  or Greek yoghurt, fruit and a health bran muffin - usually with juice. (Coffee for me.)  Usually there is a fruit serving with breakfast - banana, orange or apple. Sweetner is usually maple syrup or honey - there is no white sugar in the house. (I keep unrefined brown sugar or palm sugar for visitors who sweeten their coffee or tea with "sucrose".)
Breakfast is pretty standard and unadverturous - no time to muck around in the morning but I make sure everyone starts off the day properly. Lunch is normally whatever they are serving at school or college, and it is not something I worry about during the week.

Dinner is usually two servings of vegetables and some kind of carb, usually potatoes because I love me my tatties... Standard serving of meat is 200 grams or 7 ounces of meat. (That is a standard  serving as recommended for the two growing boys.) If we don't have carbs. it is a large salad serving of something like a Greek salad with homemade dressing. Normally dinner is served with sparkling water or milk - or a glass of wine for me. I don't allow soda with dinner. (The boys will probably, between them, drink a bottle of soda in a week -67 fluid ounces or 2 litres. They don't drink the stuff.)

Later in the evening about an hour or so after dinner, we normally do a sweet course. Probably something like a slice of cake or ice-cream or a fruit and cheese plate with crackers. They hardly eat crisps and  I buy a standard family bag in the week which may get eaten - I checked: there are two unopened bags in the cupboard now. Chocolate bars are preffered and I do buy quite a few for the house. Whoever eats them, eats them. They do go through piles of fruit instead.   

I do have burger or pizza evenings, but I will make it myself. (Or SS does.)  If we do eat out, it is probably something like sushi, Mediterranean cuisine or fish and chips. The boys do like Burger King, but probably once every three months, one of them will suggest we go. They aren't partial to "junk food". SS is allowed 2 hours of screen time per day - he can decide if he wants to watch tv or play x-box or be on the internet. He decides how to divide that time... But two hours is it. (Mainly x-box)


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Now this sounds "normal" to me.
Probably because you are also in the UK.
(Only thing that seems missing is all those curries you love.)

This is kind of the "old school" food routine I remember and know where processed food is kept to a minimum.
My mother also used chocolate bars as treats.
Maybe, it is the milk that fools us into thinking it is a better treat. Wink
Many of our own islanders are switching to an Americanised diet and the results aren't good.

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I hate it when a parent whines that their 6 year old won’t eat anything but chicken nuggets and Mac and cheese.  Do you think maybe because that’s what you fed the child when they started to eat?  

I grew up before chicken nuggets were invented.  No one had an addiction to chicken nuggets because they didn’t exist.  It’s not like a child is born loving nuggets. 

I do not have a clue what SS34’s 3 year old eats.  But he is morbidly obese.  And that is all on his parents. 

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Totally agreeing here - kids eat what they know because it is what they are given. One of my sons' favourite things still, but especially when he was a toddler was what he called "Spanish" - creamed spinach with aspargus. We were out once and my son (he was around 7) was eating olives and artichokes - and it was unusual to another Mom. Not to me - the kid gets all kinds of veg and he eats it. Only thing he doesn't eat is marrow (zucchini?). He hates it.

If your kid is used to chicken nuggets, then maybe try making it yourself. I don't see the fascination - never eaten it (being vegetarian) -  but my son says it tastes like cardboard. Not exactly sure when BS was snacking on cardboard, but I believe him...

Is SS or the 3 year old obese? I hope it is not the toddler.

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I have no children.  My food list was just what I observe other children eating.  I don’t eat that junk.  And yes it is the 3 year old who is morbidly obese. 

I grew up in America. But I am very old. Dinner was salad, small piece of meat, 2 vegetables, a starch and dessert.  But the dessert was always homemade, very small and very often fruit based.  Very few children were overweight  back in the 50s. 

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Many people feed their kids what is easy.
Take it out of the freezer, plonk it in the microwave oven and hey presto, a few minutes later dinner is served.
I wonder if any of these people take time to read food labels?
It seems cruel to give a growing child a chemistry set of ingredients, when real food is just as easy to make.

How can a 3 year old be morbidly obese?
Please excuse my ignorance and amazement, but the child has only been eating solids for two years?
How is it even possible?

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I don’t have a clue. I have only seen pictures of the child for the past 2 years because I have banned the parents from my life. He looks like a Sumo wrestler.  He is usually clad only in a diaper.   It is so sad. The parents are HORRIBLE people. 

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So he’s infantile at 3 years d. Horrendous and shame on his parents wtf?! He should be potty trained.

My son was delightfully fat as a baby; exclusively breastfed. He had more rolls than a bakery.

Once he weaned he rapidly became skinny. 

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My son is rail-thin and burns off every calorie he consumes. He is also kind of picky and would not eat chicken nuggets or pizza for some time omg!

He eats like a bird generally. Ugh

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SD is 7 and underweight. She weighs about 38lbs and is pretty tiny for her age. Nobody on DH/BMs side seems concerned but my family shows concern. I've done my best to feed her healthy, good food but she doesn't like anything other than spaghetti and junk food. She eats cereal for breakfast (no milk), plain bagels or toast with butter for lunch, and she picks at whatever I make for dinner. She won't eat much fruit or veggies. It's kind of stressful, but I don't like being the bad guy trying to feed her real food. 

Just this morning, she was whining that she wanted someone to get breakfast for her. I reminded her "SD, if I get you breakfast, it will be a well-balanced meal of toast with PB, fruit, and yogurt." and she sighed and went to eat some fruit loops with no milk. Whatever. If I were her biological parent, I wouldn't allow any processed crap, especially not at breakfast when she's fueling her body for the day at school, but DH doesn't mind so I'm not worried. 

ETA: I don't mind processed crap as an occasional part of the diet. I feed my son KD once every couple weeks, he gets nuggets if we're out shopping/running errands, whatever. BUT he eats 3 well-balanced meals a day, and if he ever stops doing that, we'll get rid of the processed crap until he's ready to eat it occasionally with healthy food primarily again! 

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You can't really change a diet or get a kid to eat "good" food if the bioparents are content to let them eat whatever they want.I don't think it is a battle you can really win, especially with young kids.I also don't mind "processed" food on occassion, it can be a treat, but it worries me when it is the main diet because of later health issues.

As to SD's size, if her paediatrian is not concerned, then I wouldn't worry.Kids do vary on extreme when they are growing up and I was a small, very thin kid too.Normal height to weight now.

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I gave up on Stepbrat too. His Biohag brags about eating junk food and fast food and that is what she feeds stepbrat.

Since he won’t eat normal food DH enables the loser with junk food. I don’t care anymore. It’s out of my hands. As long as the ahole leaves at 18.

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Balance is the key and you have that with your owns son.
It is hard to near impossible to overcome the eating habits that the bioparents allow.

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My SDs were actually underweight for their height for a long time. Their doctor even wanted them to gain. It was because of extremely picky eating. My blogs cover that.

My theory is that neither BM or DH properly introduced healthy good food at the right time. At ages 7 & 9 neither ate veggies or fruit (I was shocked, especially about the fruit). 

With work, younger SD eats super well and likes to cook. She's very active and has finally (!) Joined an organized sport. Last I knew of older SD she was a sloth, no exercise, ate pretty much only processed white food and who I think has an actual eating disorder...she is likely as unhealthy as an obese child and will probably gain weight as she gets older. Her thin physique is an illusion.

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At least you have shown concern and have tried to help with a good diet.
I am glad that at least your effort paid off with YSD.

I agree with the poster that said kids eat what they know.

OSD, if you have reason to suspect an eating disorder, there probably is one.
So sad, because so many girls and women have issues with food throughout their lives and some of it can be traced to bad eating habits as kids.

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I did my research it, it's actually related to sensory disorders (associated also with mild autism). I did some of the food "tests" with her after suspecting something more than just picky eating and she reacted exactly like the experts said. But DH refused to read or acknowledge anything was wrong so I stopped helping with her. DH now thinks I was right but it's too late.

Letti.R's picture

Very interesting.
Never heard of this or knew it could be a link to a sensory disorder.

Would you mind sending me a link so I can have a look?
(I learned something new today - thank you!)

Letti.R's picture

Thank you so much for posting these Smile
I am going to have a good old read learn a bit more.

I do know two people who are picky about texture - mushy food.
They don't eat it.
That is definitely a sensory thing.

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My son was introduced to fruits and veggies at the recommended times (I know these times change with child advice fashion). But he's still a terrible picky eater and won't touch anything green without dinner time threats and consequences.

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My teen stepkids are all steadily fattening themselves up on Starbucks “coffee” drinks. They, as well as BM, are in Starbucks at least once a day if not twice, ordering some complicated concoction that drives the barista crazy, and that’s loaded with sugar, whole milk, whipped cream, ice cream, god knows what. One SD is obese: 5’8” and at least 200 pounds, the other two are short like their mother, with their mothers body type: skinny limbs, no ass, but an ever present spare tire around their middle. Their overall diet, like most North Americans’ is heavy on fast food and takeout. They are also very into video games, and never walk anywhere but always drive or are driven.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that none of them eat meals or have any regular eating schedule. They just graze all day and all night. They don’t ever refer to eating “lunch” or “dinner,” just “food” as in “I want some food” or “Dad, don’t you have any food?” 

It all disgusts me but it’s not my problem.

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Thanks so much for telling me this!
I am trying to understand what people eat / drink and this is a very interesting example of how their normal diet works.

I don't understand why fast food is so popular.
If you are going to buy fast food why not get something interesting?
My favourite fast food is Thai stir fries made by a chain restaurant -  they are really super healthy and packed with interesting veggies.

Agreed that it is not your problem.
Can't fix what you didn't break.

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I’m trying to decide how much it costs to go to Starbucks multiple times a day? Is biohag sponging C$?

 What a stupid ahole BM is! I’ve not been to Starbucks in years and when I did it was to get water, I think. 

Petronella's picture

on the money they blow at Starbucks. Their dad has tried to explain this to them but they are clueless. 

BM does get child support but only what the provincial table dictates and nothing extra. My SO also mostly says no when the SKs ask him for spending money. It always goes for Starbucks, pizza and weed.

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I am sure weed is healthy and classed as some sort of vegetable... Must be like spinach or celery. Crazy

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My SD 18.75 is 5’6 and while I don’t know her exact weight, she is very very skinny (and it’s not from lack of eating either, she eats all the time).


edited to add: Also, while she occasionally will eat the healthy meals I cook, usually she prefers processed foods. That’s what she always ate before living with us.

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She is at the age where she makes her own choices food-wisenow.
Good or bad, she is an adult and responsible for her own diet.
You can set a good example, but if she loves the processed stuff, it is what she eats.

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why so many young people nowadays have cancer, diseases, ADHD, ODD, depression, syndromes such as aspergers,etc

1.  poor diet

2. lack of fresh air and exercise

3. lack of purpose (junior isn't allowed to work/do chores)

4. no structure/ discipline

5. sleep deprivation due to screens, #4 and #2

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I am so glad you posted this blog. I was wondering how in heaven's name these children could be so young and overweight. People can be prone to exaggerating and it is easy to say bad things about your skids, therefore I was wondering if any of the sizes posted were acually genuine. 
Reading this thread, sadly it is true.

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I'm happy for my skid that he's 6'2" because like many boys, he worried about being short (especially since DH is short).  The 250 lbs is just a consequences of having no parent that sets any limits, eating whatever/whenever and getting zero exercise.

When he was younger, he was thin, and much more active.  He's also struggled with depression and that probably doesn't help him any.

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One of my son’s friends is, I’m guessing, morbidly obese and he’s 8 years old. His mother packs him Doritos and like an orange for lunch. It bothers me a lot. He is a good kid but struggles to keep up with the thin kids. 

My kids do not eat perfectly at all times but their lunch is a proper one. Also, we do not keep soda in the house.

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start this conversation for information because you are genuinely curious or are you just making fun of the US? There are plenty of us who eat fresh food, organic and little meat.

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All developed countries now have an obesity problem. Not quite on the scale of the U.S., but it's getting worse everywhere.

And the UK has a huge issue with excess alcohol consumption.

Letti.R's picture

Oh lord, we are binge drinkers of note!
I am sure the Europeans are praying for visa requirements after Brexit, because Brits can be disgusting louts when drunk.
I don't think the US has an idea of the sort of behaviour and reputation Brits have for their drinking.

Generally, we have a reputation for badly behaved drunkness abroad.
Not pretty.

tog redux's picture

I know of it, just from reading/news, etc.  And that there is a big push by the gov't for people to cut down their drinking.

America is not a hard-drinking country. Only about 40% of Americans drink with any regularity - 30% do not drink at all.

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There is a big push at the moment from the NHS on both the excessive drinking and bad eating habits.
This is some of the new year's initiatives that have been released.
It is starting to affect the health care system with metabolic diseases and we don't have enough doctors or health care professionals to deal with it.

They are seriously looking at what we eat and drink and trying to get people to make better choices.
We had a "sugar tax" recently which worked well to cut down on the amount of soda people were drinking.
They want to look at having a "salt tax" around the amount of excess salt in food people are buying.

Our bad eating and drinking is shortening lives and causing increased spend on health care - when it can be avoided.

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Life was more rugged, work was much more physical including housework AND portions were smaller.  People had a few full sugared soft drinks a week and burned it right off.

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It’s amazing if I have a drink every six months. I can’t be bothered. My DH has ONE fancy beer occasionally.

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This is true as well. I personally don't eat meat, and while I am a bit overweight, I'm not obese. I haven't been to a fast food restaurant in years and never drink soda.  I do have to say though - 3/4 of Americans are overweight and 1/3 are obese.  So we kind of deserve our reputation.

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I think she is curious.

In the US it is more common than other countries; however, several are now catching up. Sure there are plenty of people here that do eat well, but there are A LOT that don't. Our obesity rates have been terrible for years.

I always am surprised by how many people go out for dinner regularly (how do people even afford that?!) and/or do not even know HOW to cook meals. 

Multiple times I have had a grocery check out person comment on my order: "wow, you eat really healthy", "do you always make dinner???",  an older lady once said, "it's nice to see not everyone feeds their family premade junk". 

I have noticed too many people checking out (more curious than nosey, lol) with only premade boxed and frozen crap and junk food.... just pure grossness. I don't think I could choke down a frozen salsbury steak or lasagna if I tried. I always feel bad for the kids and do wonder how it affects long term health. It just can't be good to ingest that much artificial stuff on a regular basis 

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in my case is that the Girhippo sees herself as the next Food Network Chef, yet has always served junk/processed/fast food to the skids (and herself as well as StepDaddyBigBucks).

The truth is she doesn't know how to cook.   Chef did most of the cooking whilst working two jobs to support her stay-in-bed "mom" lifestyle.   Her Soup in Cauldrons Food Truck biz is done mostly by Battleaxe (her BM) and is as a write off against SDBB's huge income.  I think he plans to retire the moment CS stops for YSS in five years from now.

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Genuinely curious.
I am not making fun of the US,because these bad eating habits are happening everywhere.
What is of concern to me is that the skids or kids are teens and are huge weight-wise.
There are bound to be associated health complications - if not now then later.

This seems very common on this forum, and I have seen similar postings of size of weight of these kids for a while now.
So I am asking what kind of diet these kids are following, because I really am having a hard time with the numbers. 

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Depends what kind and how much. A lot of red meat is not good for you.  Processed meats are not good for you.

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Red meat is quite healthy, actually. Don’t believe everything you read. Red meat has amino acids, heme iron, protein, necessary fats etc.

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I’d eat it twice a day if I could. I learned some skills from doing Keto and meat is very satisfying to me. My cholesterol is okay and I’ve lost over 40lbs. I also love some types of fish, chicken drumsticks, sometimes a little veg. Also, sometimes mixed nuts and a little cheese.

 I love bacon. Biggrin

My fasting glucose is also okay. I’m middle aged.

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My fattest SK is the one who’s vegetarian.

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Many vegetarians are unhealthy and unless you know what you are doing, it can be a bad diet. Often they eat too many carbs and end up fat, then you get the ones who eat almost nothing and are rail thin...
I am a vegetarian, healthy. However, I need to visit a nutritionist every 6 months so my diet can be checked and I do a full blood screen so I can see what is going on with my body chemistry.
Being a vegetarian is not an indication of a healthy diet. Unfortunately many times, it can be the opposite.

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I’m Canadian.... and in most ways we are fairly similar to the US, but we have much much less obesity.  The one thing I really noticed is that in the US the portion sizes are gigantic!!!!!! Have gone to restaurants there and literally one plate would be what a resteraunt here would give to 3-4 people! 

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Actually, that’s not true. Canadians are as or nearly as obese as Americans. Give it awhile and we’ll be at par. Lol. Sad

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Canadians also drink much more heavily than Americans, holy love of god can my in-laws (and DH) drink!  I never drink more than 2 in a sitting.

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We love our hooch!!!

Now with the legalization of marijuana in Canada that went through last October, I'm curious to see what's going to happen to consumption trends of ganga in the near future, especially compared to the rest of the world. 

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and less ambition to go to work.  Buy Funyuns stock.

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We all seem to be following the US lead, and heading in the same direction on the scale.

I do agree, the portion sizes are enormous.
I could dinner off my lunch serving and still sometimes have left overs.

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My skids are thin. I actually think OSD is a bit too thin. My DD is thin too. And she is a skid. My ex’s kids who are my former skids are thin too.

I think it’s a crazy idea that skids are all fat or unhealthy or that Walmart and McDonalds are somehow main representatives of all American culture. It’s uneducated view on America.

There is as much trash and as many trashy people in the US as everywhere else in the world. Just  saying.

I think it’s quite rude to create threads bashing other people’s cultires and countries. Not classy. And too simplistic.

 I grew up in Europe and currently live in the USand I see no point to make generalized stereotypical statements. Education is a key. Educating oneself about other cultures will help you to resist temptation to stereotype 

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Fat or thin is relative and this thread was not created to bash Americans.
Being too thin can also be unhealthy.
Being healthy would be the goal, irrespective of weight.

No where did I say Walmart of MacDonald's are the main representation of American culture - but I would not label people as trash, no matter where they come from or how they choose to live their lives.
If you feel the thread bashes, you are welcome to your view.

If education is the key, then please understand, I am trying to understand what people are eating or consider a normal diet to get to the size that these kids are.

Being overly defensive about obesity or that people are over-weight doesn't detract from the fact that people are over-weight or obese.

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I think stepslug is 5’10 but idk his weight. He has the muscle tone of limp spaghetti noodles (no, really, I’m horrified!) He is a little chunky and all he eats practically is junk food, processed sh!t.

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I am trying to imagine the muscle tone of limp spaghetti noodles... and it is not a healthy sight.
Shame man.
Poor kid.

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I know, right? He is a video game slug and bitches and moans about walking 1/2 a mile. My kids are much younger and I make them walk all over the d@mned place. I think my DS loves when he and I go for a stroll. He can keep pace with me now (I’m screwed when he’s a teenager I know; he will drop my old @$$ lol.)

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This topic is a minefield in my home. My wife is happy to give the step-kids whatever they want, usually high amounts of sugar and processed junk. I don't like it, but what can I do when "Mom" is in charge of what the kids eat and she is tired after a long day at work?
If I offer to cook when I come home, it "takes too long". She wonders why the kids are hyper sometimes. Look at what you are feeding them!  The kids are average weight but they eat tons of crap and rubbish snacks. 
In my home, it is high time the kids have a better diet where fruit and veg aren't swear words and exercise is not a foreign concept!

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I am worried for your impending real kid who will have a mother who doesn’t believe in real food. Sad

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I, for one, am not offended by your thread. I’m an American and I’m fascinated with the “American diet.” I check out everyone’s cart when I’m shopping (in Wal-Mart of course! I seriously can’t beat the prices unless I go to Aldi.) 

Anyway, Kraken spends thousands and thousands on fast food every year. She has had to fork over her financial records several times for court. That doesn’t include what she spends eating out. DH said when SS was a baby she was feeding him hot pockets and the stream of processed crap didn’t seem to slow down. 

My SS (a teen) has never been overweight despite the diet. I expect he will end up well over 6’ tall. Kraken’s other kid looks to be 6-8 inches taller than every other kid in her class. I bet she ends up over 6’ as well. Kraken and both her baby daddies are tall. 

Kraken was built like a block of solid muscle. She was a very talented athlete. Now? All these years of fast food have taken their toll. I’m unsure how SS and his sister will end up weight wise because they are not active like she was. 

Come to the South where the obesity epidemic is at its worst. People fill their carts with tons of coke (we don’t call it’s all coke), chips, snacks, etc. My Wal-Mart has an amazing organic selection so it’s available to people.


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In the most recent court appearance, BM put on her financial documents that she spends 1K on groceries a month, for her and SS19. WHAT?!   No wonder he's such a moose. She's no delicate flower herself.

DH and I spend about $400/mo.  Shop at Aldi, lady, sheesh. 1K per month on groceries.

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I average about $50 a week for me and my two boys. We are primarily vegetarian now so cutting out meat greatly decreases costs. Lentils and beans are cheap! I also do lots of grains mixed with veggies. When I have to buy more packaged foods for when we travel my bill skyrockets. Processed stuff is so expensive! 

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Yes, we could cut it down, but we don't skimp, since we don't really have to - and that basically includes toiletries, too.  We don't buy much meat, either.  I don't eat it at all, and DH doesn't eat it too often.

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1k on groceries for 2 people???  Wow, I spend between $500-$600 for a family of 6 and that includes all my cleaning products/toiletries.  We shop at Sam's Club and Walmart to save money.  I have to budget because my DH and SD can put away some food.  My grocery budget tripled when we moved in together.  I can't imagine how 2 people are spending so much money.

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Yep, that's why she just got an increase in Child Support. Because she's crappy with money management.

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but Chef shops "foodie" at a store called Wegman's.  He buys healthy groceries but boy is it expensive there.  I love Aldis, but for Chef, Wegmans is convenient (and pricey).  He now is usually out of the house AFTER me and almost always home before me so he shops and cooks exclusively on the weekdays.

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Is also incapable of economizing on groceries and household goods. Oh the money they spend on toiletries.

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Is also incapable of economizing on groceries and household goods. Oh the money they spend on toiletries.

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DH said that when they were married, he once counted 32 bottles of shampoo in the shower, for her and her daughter (assuming DH and SSthenalittlekid weren't using any of them).  Unreal. 

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Thank you.
I am not out to offend anyone here, but I understand that certain people may be sensitive about the topic.
In just this thread, I have learned a great amount about what these kids are eating  - which was my intention - and the posters have been a great help with what they wrote.
Its not just the food, it is when and how and how much they are eating.
A lot of this stuff is new learnings for me - and you have thrown in the regional difference as well - which is another different aspect.

Walmart was great.
I found St Dalfour jam there!
It is the only jam I eat and Walmart is the only place that stocked it near where I was: French jam made with fruit, grape juice, pectin and lemon - no crap (preservatives, colourants, flavourants) or sugar in it.
So I know they do sell some really good stuff.

Hopefully your SK's stay on the healthy athletic side.

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That jam is more than 50% sugars. It's loaded with sugar. (And I do have some in my cupboard right now. It's good.) That's how jam works because sugar is a natural preservative and the texture wouldn't be the same either without it. 

It's just that they use concentrated fruit sugars and not cane sugar. But honestly there's not much difference between fructose and sucrose in how your body reacts. If you eat a lot of concentrated fructose - e.g. jam, fruit juices or further refined and consumed some other way you will get exactly the same effect you get if you eat a lot of sucrose. 

I'm not knocking the jam and I far prefer jams with more fruit and less added sugar, but jam isn't jam without added sugar. In this case it's from concentrating grape and date juices. But it's still sugar. Here's the label:

Typical ValuesPer 100g. (3.5 oz.):

Energy1006 kJ., 237 kcals.

Fat0.8 g

of which saturates<0.01 g

Carbohydrate56 g

of which sugars 56 g

Fibre2 g

Protein0.5 g

Salt0.02 g

I far prefer jams that are made with this level of sugar which is about the lowest you can get away with and not mold in the jar, because they taste 'fruitier'. But whatever the source of the sugar you shouldn't eat tons of it. Sugar is sugar is sugar - a statement that's about 99% true in terms of dietary impact. 

Letti.R's picture

I usually have the strawberry jam and the values are slightly less than what you indicated.
That is not the point - any jam is loaded with sugar, however St Dalfour is fructose and not sucrose.
Most jams I find are loaded with additional sucrose besides the actual fruit content- not this.
Still no real difference IMO.
Like you wrote, if you read the label, half of the weight is some form of dietary sugar.

The reason I buy St Dalfour is that it has no preservatives, colourants and flavourants added.
I am aware of the sugar content on which you are absolutely correct: jam is not a diet friendly food, but I do prefer that it is without a chemistry set of nasty things I cannot pronounce or need to look up.

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Sedentary lifestyle brought to the youth and adults of the world through electronics is also part of the obesity explosion in the youth population  ~Gaming, Netflix, ipad,ipod,cell phone obsession .

Children are helicoptered and corralled for their safety by over protective parents.

There are no more sand lot baseball games or  street corner soccer or impromptu games where kids get up off their rumps and run, jump, walk use their imagination and create.

Everything is now electronically prepackaged including all forms of entertainment ~ where the bulk of youth just  sit on their arses and seek escape and excitement through electronics.

No need to go out and pal around with friends ,enjoying the sunshine or any climate except the controlled atmosphere of their room .No need to even expand one's imagination as you do not need to think ~just watch, absorb and snack.

Use it or lose it.  And we are  losing ~ the expected good  health  of the youth and young adults  is replaced with  chronic disease secondary to obesity: Diabetes, heart disease ,hypertension , impotence, blunted immunity , increased susceptibility to  infections .

The percentage of kids and  young adults with an unhealthy expanding Body Surface Area is supported by the  constant junk food binge eating to  accompany  the binge watching . 

The future  generations will morph into creatures with one large index finger and thumb on each hand, to accomodate play station or texting , no legs and one huge round rump like a weeble wobbling to and fro as they vacuously stare into their screens  for any stimulation .

They will lack ,in addition to any musculature outside of outsized thumbs,  the  ability of critical thinking ~overall exhibit an inability to make decisons or form opinons because they never used their brains outside of staring and absorbing whatever is the latest Kardashian Krisis. 

Future  society is sooooo screwed.


SayNoSkidsChitChat's picture

It will be like the movie Wall-E.

I don’t let my kids roam; too young and people drive like aholes on my street. I think back to when I was my DS’ age and I cringe that I walked to school alone in a big city. It was not safe and bad things did happen.

My kids and I often walk places together and we take them to playgrounds a lot.

Kes's picture

I totally agree with somethingwicked.   I live in the UK, and we don't have the percentage of fat folk that the USA has, not yet anyway.  I think this is partly because we don't get in our cars to go everywhere, there is a culture of walking - of course the distances are different to America.  But sedentary lifestyles are really making a lot of us unhealthy.  I put work into maintaining a healthy weight, which is more difficult after the menopause, but I persevere.  If my waistbands get too tight I don't buy larger clothes, I just cut back what I put in my pie hole.  I think it would be good if more people did this, also we (in the western world)  are into instant gratification and that is bad for weight and everything else.  

The "I deserve this" is a terribly bad idea when applied to food.  Just have some self control.  

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None of my skids are overweight.

YSS used to have a pudge around his stomach and the love handles, but he had a growth spurt and now plays football and does weight training. His diet when he's here, is awful. He snacks on crackers,pretzels, tortilla chips, etc. until we eat dinner. Sometimes he will hardly eat what I've fixed because he just loaded up on carby junk. We have fresh and frozen fruit, and carrots/grape tomatoes/cucumbers to snack on but they don't get touched by the kids. 

MSS has always had a lean build and now he's lean with muscle definition since he's always working out.

OSS used to stuggle with maintaining his weight but now he's at a very healthy weight and he's mindful of his diet. He's also constantly working out and training with college baseball. 

I should go radical and purge the house of all processed junk. None of us need it.  

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Alright, I'll out myself as I sit here and eat a big bowl of chili with cheese and sour cream.

Our diet sucks, and it shows. I grew up eating my grandmother's southern-style cooking that included lots of lard and butter. I was an active kid playing sports, running around, etc. Add onto my grandma's diet with my parents working EMS/Fire and their cooking reflecting that (large portions, starches and meats, lots of carbs) and you get a kid who has a very skewed understanding of portions and healthy eating.

I struggle *a lot*. I put *a lot* of money out for a personal trainer to help me lose/maintain weight. I *try* to eat healthy, but not having grown up with what most considered "healthy", it has been an uphill battle. My two biggest issues around food specifically are portion sizes and taking the time to cook. I don't find joy in cooking unless I am cooking for others, and none of that is healthy food.

Now add in that DH has an allergy to green leaves (seriously, he has an actual allergen to lettuce, spinach, cabbage, etc) and a distaste for most non-starch vegetables (which may be a reaction to the allergy), and it gets even harder. The boys live with BM most of the time, on food stamps, and eat mostly processed food.

I am a lot of the stereotype that you hear about, though not quite that large yet or drinking soda by the gallons. I work in health care. I know what I need to do. I know it isn't healthy. But I'm trying to rewire years worth of bad habits and stingy budgets and working in food service, etc.

Just like cycles of poverty, cycles of poor health run in families. They are EXTREMELY hard to break once they start. And the solutions for improvement are expensive. Even non-profit hospitals that offer healthy lifestyle courses charge hundreds of dollars. Gym memberships cost a fortune. And food is such a social part of any cultural that unless you have a support group (typically), it's nearly impossible to go it aline unless you isolate yourself.

We invest nothing in the United States in healthy eating. Oh sure, we spend some money revising the food pyramid and making labels "easier" to read, but culturally? Former First Lady Obama wanted schools to provide balanced meals and people LOST THEIR MINDS. Some places actually fought to make pizza count towards a vegetable serving because of the tomato sauce.

In almost every community, you have easier access to convenience stores and fast food than you do to fresh foods. If you want to go out to eat here in the middle of the country and want something fresh, you're going to pay an arm and a leg for it. Neighborhoods are set up to require driving unless you live in a city. You have to ACTIVELY FIGHT AGAINST social norms to be healthy.

And then we wonder why our kids are fat? Or why we are fat?

I'm not saying people don't have personal responsibility, but it isn't as easy as "put down the chips and grab an apple" especially in rural America where the apple is already mush by the time you get it.

Mrs Fireball's picture

FWIW, school lunches are much healthier than when I was in school. My kids' schools offer beautiful fresh fruit and veggies. Even the junky pizza and chicken nuggets are less processed than my school lunches.


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I'll out myself too lol.... I'm a fat vegetarian (almost vegan), going on 15 years now. My issue is more psychological, I believe. Food became a comfort to me when I was a child. I was that child that snuck food, ate in secret, etc. I still do it behind SO's back. I have never outwardly lied to him about my bingeing, but I haven't told him all about it either so definitely lies of omissions though. He knows I struggle - he sees that I don't have much control over some types of foods, like an addiction, and he intercepts at times, sometimes wantingly on my behalf, sometimes with a devil glare and grunt from me. 

Interestingly, I've been told I'm very pretty, have a lot going for me, am healthy, have been successsful in most parts of my life except for a few, have the smarts, heck I'm even a psychology major and work in mental health and addictions, etc...;  but for the life of me, I can't beat this. I'm 44 now. After searching for this long, it scares me that I I might never find my "magic pill" to end my obesity and be stuck living the rest of my life this way. 

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My SD is not overweight but I work in a call center and many of my coworkers and their kids are. I think a lot of it really is portion control. I remember there was a time that I went to get fast food lunch with 2 coworkers. I ordered off the dollar menu and got a cheeseburger, small fry and small soda. One of the coworkers said no wonder your so skinny (I'm average weight) you starve yourself. I just brushed the comment off but it irritated me. That's plenty of food for me and I just checked the website what I ate came up to 860 calories!

I am often amazed at people's cart but even more so at portions in restaurants. I always take at least half of my food home and it blows my mind when I see people finish everything.

I do try to avoid processed foods and make things homemade as much as possible. Another friend mentioned to me that they take out the trash daily and I couldn't believe that they'd throw that much out for two adults and two kids under 4. I throw out the trash about once a week. When I started asking about it it was because everything is prepacked. Not frozen meals but canned veggies, boxed macaroni, potatoes, and stuffing and lots of soda (for the adults). She talks about needing to exercise but i don't think that's the main issue at all.

Evil3's picture

The reason my SKs were obese and constantly sick and exhausted as kids was because they were on the Disneyland Dad diet. That involves living on 100% junky processed food. They were given meals from that place with the golden arches at least three times a week and then that popular macaroni boxed dinner at least twice. We actually had a linen closet in the hall by the kitchen and livingroom full of junk like dunkaroos, pop tarts, chips, cheezies, etc that the kids had free reign of. I couldn't bloody stand it because whenever I tried to address the constant junk eating, I'd get shot down by everyone. Even my MIL. DH even tried to use the justification that chips are made from potatoes. "Um, OK, so chips are healthy. Riiiiiiiight."  I mentioned how at some point the kids will pay the price for how they eat and my MIL actually came up with the ridiculous statement that she didn't think SD would ever gain weight, because she's always getting up and down. I said, "yeah, up and down to run to the junk cupboard and eat constantly." Then, I got the dear in headlights look. Within less than a year, SD was quite obese. It killed me not to say, "I told you so."

In a nutshell, these SKs are on the Disneyland Dad diet and that's why they're the size that they are. If they were ever made to eat an apple or something, they will never speak to DH again, so he just gave them 100% junk. The odd time DH would cut up a piece of fruit for them, he'd pour sugar all over it to entice them to eat it.

Oh, and the kids had zero extracurricular activities. They could barely make it through the school day, because they had to rush home to obsess and cling to Daddddeeeeee. I kid you not, the kids, especially SD would turn down invitations for play dates/hang outs so she could rush home to Daddddeeee. With all the eating and zero activity, it was no wonder they were the size they were.