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So I took your advice....

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Told BIL that I didn't want to talk about his sister anymore. I think he just likes stirring the pot. He did, however, continue to share things, so the SO stepped in and said that it wasn't cool to be broadcasting HIS dirty laundry to me. Nice. MIL (soon to be former) and I had a brief and very charming (no sarcasm at all, seriously) email exchange in which she told me how much she appreciates everything I do for the kids and how she understands that my reluctance to spend a great deal of time with them, has nothing to do with them personally, but just the situation.

Then camp crazy blew up the last two days and all of the discussion about leaving me out of it went by the wayside. First, BM figured out who I am, at least my name, and decided to inundate SO with several emails regarding what a "Looser, slut whore" I am. I am assuming she meant loser and I'm surprised she can't spell it. Then, she sent nude text pictures to some guy who does work for her parents on their properties and his girlfriend, who works with SO, told him all about it and he then forwarded this inforamtion to the IL's due to the fact that he is no longer willing to work for them (the guy who received her bloated alcoholic photos).

Meanwhile, camp crazy explodes on the IL's who then inundate SO with calls and texts about how insane she is. The daily telephone calls we are forced to make go unanswered. Yet she is threatening him with contempt. It's been a crazy five days and that doesn't include the shit at work.

So, now, it's all quiet at the camp, and I am nervous because the crazier she is, the less likely she is to lose her shit on me. If her life is a toilet bowl of swerling feces she will be too distracted to mess with me. Two of the four kids are sick and the other night I got to wear vomit because both kids threw up on me. I can handle vomit, but maybe not in that quantity. We have a trip planned to see my family this weekend and I am worried about the sickies being transfered to my nephews, so it may be just me on the trip but we will have to see.

What the hell happened to my normal and organized life?


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Girlfriend you are in for a life of drama if you plan to stay with this man. Is this really what you want for your life? I'm being dead serious. Instant family and a crazy ex...exes rarely tend to go sane.

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Somedays I am sure that it is what I want, and others, not so much. We aren't anywhere near a point where that ultimate commitment has to be made yet, and as you know things can always change. I keep hoping that with enough exposure I will get used to it, at least her being crazy, but who knows? I just keep hoping (and I can't believe I am going to say this out loud) that she will drink herself to death before I have to deal with it too long. Now I have to go to church and pray for forgiveness, and I don't go to that could be awkward.

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God love you for calling me 27....I'm 35 but you are my new best friend :).

I know it's a long road to haul, I get that. I look at the situation and sometimes I think holy shit, what did I sign on for? Other times I look at it and think, ok....she's a crazy nightmare but he's a really good man, and can I hold her sins against him? The kids, for the most part, are pretty good and while it's chaotic, for the most part it's nothing that I want to throw the towel in over....

As an update our office finally withdrew from all of her cases so that part is covered. She drank herself into a coma a week ago and her brother became a witness because of a long and convoluted story so we withdrew from everything. But she's still crazy pants and still emailing all the time.

I love him with all my heart. He's supportive of me both with the skids and with my career. We are a team, and he backs me all the time. And I back him. He is appreciative of everything that I do and reminds me constantly of that. He pulls his weight, he disciplines, he requires them to treat me and him with respect. We do our best together to counteract the craziness and it's the first time ever that I have been in a relationship with anyone that I feel like it's on equal ground, as far as how we treat each other (I realize he comes with way more baggage). I respect him, he respects me. I genuinely like him as a person, whether he had kids or not.

My friend who is visiting from overseas (military wife) told me the other day that while she has some reservations, she can see that I am more myself with him than anyone she has ever seen me with (she's been my best friend for more than a decade). She also told me that she never envisioned me having children but always suspected I would end up being a stepmom because of who I am.

It's a lot I know that, but I don't have any interest in leaving. Does that make me the crazy one?