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'Other Son" home on Leave!

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This has been a wonderful Thanksgiving for our family! "Other Son" got to come home for leave from the Navy! he graduated from his 6 months training on Tuesday, and has 10 days before he has to be at his new station. And he came to stay with us! "Other Son" is the best friend of my 2 SS. We found out last year when he and PITA were seniors how horrible his home life was, he was somewhat abused and abandoned by both of his parents, and we took him into our home. He made life pleasant and fun around here! He'd never really had a "home" and family, so he was always interested in what Loghead and I were doing, and he loved having Gibby for a younger brother. Because he was interested in us, that brought the skids around more often and we always hung out in the kitchen laughing and playing board games. he left in June, and PITA went to school in August. The house was prestty lonely without them, and all the teen boys that hung out here with them. My house has been full this week! Turkey in the oven, chili on the stove. Lots of popcorn and lasagna. They all went shopping Thursday and night and got TVs and videogames. It's been like a 3 ring circus, but I wouldn't trade it in for anything. And when he calls me "Mom" my heart just melts... I'm so glad he came into our hearts and our home!