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If she wants me to nominate her "Mom of the Year," she can think again

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She sent me a message today, whining about health insurance and paying $240 for the skids' school lunches this last month, and how since she's paying so much for them now, she and her husband hardly ever eat...

Yea, ya fat cow. i can tell from the looks of it you never eat. and you want me to be sorry for you, spending for 2 teenage boys' lunch bills? Who do you think paid for their lunches for the last 12 years, ya frickin' b%^&*$. And their school clothes, and school supplies, and daily personal needs, and, and, and...

She got on my last nerve...


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JEEZ i wonder how she would of ever done it if she was the custodial parent of the 3 kids when they were younger! hell of alot more expensive that what she is complaining about right now!

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I have 6 kids. 4 of them are in school. I wish our school lunch bill was $240 dollars. That's JUST for lunch. All four take water and a snack, too.

If she's having trouble making ends meet, she should go by whine at the food bank. I don't see why her inability to live within her means is your problem. Maybe her husband should pick up a second job. If he picks up a burger flipping job, problem solved!

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Sounds like my skids BM. She won't even get off her ass long enough to take them to the doctor's office. Taking into account she doesn't have a job so she wouldn't have to miss a day, nor does she have to pay a penny for co-pay. Insurance covers every cent.

& god forbid she buys them any new clothes. They can wear their older siblings DISGUSTING hand me downs. I understand the concept, but when they look like trash, you don't hand them down.

I hear ya! It's aggrivating when you're the one doing EVERYTHING and buying EVERYTHING for the skids, & then BM has to do one measley thing & she's either Super Mom or Struggling Pitty Pot. :sick:

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omg my ss17 was spending 8$ a day on lunch at school!! his BM had him on reduced lunch when he was at her 70 cents a day. we pay her 1200 a month for 1 kid who she kicked out 3 times this year.

sick of her and her stupid kids. one time she tried to sell sd11s boots to me for 15$. i was like, wtf? i don't want yer nasty ass boots for my bios. ew.

BM did not choke on fruitcake as I hoped she would, but I did piss her off pretty good on facebook. Well, she should stay the hell out of my business!!!! i knew she was stalking me, so i put how i really felt about her on there!!!!!

she's probably trying to figure out how to sue me for slander. but she is a money grubbing whore in my opinion, so is that really anything anyone didn't already know about her??? i think not.

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From what I hear, as long as you didn't call her by name then she likely does not have a case... keeping that in mind, I say whatever I want on facebook about deadbeat mother whores Smile I only vent there when she does something to really piss me off. And as for the 'whore' thing, most of my friends know about her and how she broke her marriage with DH... it isn't slander if it's the truth right? A whore is a whore is a whore. And same about deadbeats who don't pay their child support.