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Hours till she arrives?

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Princess should be home from college for the entire summer in less than 2 hours.

Or will she? The child seems to be spiraling of of control again. This afternoon she calls me around 4 pm and tells me she has decided to stay up there this summer and go to summer school after all. I start asking her all kinds of questions about her financial aid, where would she live, is it too late to register for classes, etc. (Summer session starts in 3 weeks.)

She can't answer a single question. She says that's why she is waiting at the office right that minute to meet with her advisor, and "oh, btw, I figured out my major! i want to be a physical therapist and help people and make lots of money."

I swear, it's like talking to a 5 year old and asking "What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Anyway, i continue to engage her in conversation, waiting to see if I hear any of her "I'm lying" cues. Sure enough, they started to appear. She finally says she just wants to live with some friends over the summer, because she got mad at her dad when he came and got her stuff this morning. Which he took a day off work to go do that for her, and then to make it worth his trip, he went on to his part time construction job to put in an afternoon, and all day Saturday. She spits out a few more lies, and says, "Oh, the professor is here, I gotta go."

I call Loghead and tell him what had just transpired on the phone. He says he'll call me back later.

He finally calls a bit ago. He's left his job site and is driving back to campus to find her. She is not answering her phone. Based on some of her bizarre mood swings lately, he is going to see if he can get her to answer her phone and meet with him to figure out what the hell she is up to. He did mention the hospital there in that town does have facilities for the mentally ill, and if he has to take her there, he will.

So I don't know what the hell is going on. He probably won't even get to her till around 10, though she was supposed to have been home hours ago. I really am not looking forward to her coming home. The house has been so much more pleasant without her around. We've all kind of developed our own routines that work for us, and we get along better as a family when she is not here... horrible to say, I know, but it is the truth. That doesn't mean I don't love her- anyone who has followed my blogs over the last 2 years now I would die for that child. But I won't let her "kill" me. I'm worried about her! Her behavior is just so erratic and worrisome!

Wish us luck!


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welllll...........did he find her? hope all is well...Nothing better than teenaged Skid Drama the day before Mother's Day....