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Go ahead, screw your kids over again!

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Loghead drove with Lazy Boye 17 to the orthodontist today. When they tried to schedule his visit for next month at the end of the appt, the receptionist kept saying they needed to talk to Loca Grande before scheduling the next appointment. Loghead said it's ok, the arrangement is we make the appointments and get him here, and she pays... Then it dawned on him. "Oh..." The doctor stepped back out, having met with Loghead before, and stated she has not made a single payment since last November and he could not continue treatment until a payment was made.

Lazy Boye called Loca and discussed it with her- told her she'd been lying to him all those months about paying. She told him to make a payment since he's working now and she would pay him back next month and be ready to pay the ortho in October. He said no, she could figure out a way to make the payment for September because he wasn't going to financially pay for her mistakes. His work money was HIS for his car, playing sports and taking his girlfriend out. NOT FOR HER MISTAKES.

THIS from a 17 year old kid!? I'm really proud of him. It's a sad day when they wake up and realize she's a POS, but I love it when they stand up for themselves.

However, he now is stuck with a mouth full of metal until it can all be worked out...