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Don't say it DH unless you really mean it!!!

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DH and SS14 had a major blowout this afternoon. SS14 was mad, and called him every name in the book and started swinging punches... All because he had to help with a few chores to "pay back" the $10 he had borrowed for the school dance last night.

I was inside the house, but I could hear SS yelling all kinds of obsenities. I heard the dirtbike roar down the gravel road, and then more yelling. Then it got quiet. I looked out the window to make sure they hadn't killed one another. LOL

This was about an hour ago. DH just came in to get his cell phone. I asked him what was wrong and he said not now. From the phone call, I knew he was talking to one of his parents, who live a few miles down the road from us. He told who ever it was that SS was on his way, on foot. DH said that he'd had enough and he was ready for his kids to grow up. "I'm not doing it anymore. They're just like their mother, all 3 of em, and they can go live with her."

There was silence for a few moments and then he repeated it again, "I'm done, I've done all I can. I take it every time they dish it out. It hurts me, it hurts my house, my wife is thinking of leaving me. She wants 'em, she can have 'em. I don't want them here anymore." More silence. Repeated again, "No, they aren't just kids. They know what they're doing and I won't have it anymore."

He hung up and walked over to where I was and said, "You heard all that? I about mean it. We can pack up and move to BLANK (the place I wanna move to) like you want and leave 'em here."

Ah, honey, don't "about mean it." Mean it, don't get my hopes up only to let them crash back down. If you say you want them out, if you know they are the cause of all problems in this house, get them out. FOR ONCE do what you say and don't back down.


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Hmmm. Don't get excited yet. Give it a few days before you start to get your hopes up. HUGS-!
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I agree, don't get too excited yet. My dh promised if started her shit this weekend he was loading her up and taking her back to bm. She started het shit 15 minutes after getting here yesterday and guess what.. She is still here. And as usual because of her he and I are at each others throats. Hang in there!

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That was my whole point. He can't keep saying these things if he isn't going to follow through. He said it to his mom and his brother, and of course to me. So SS called an hour ago and apologized. DH accepted, but told kid he was still angry and hurt by the words, so he would have to stay at Grandma's till Monday.

So I get a little relief, but really? "Sorry" fixes it all? It's just a band-aide until the next blow-out...
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I agree not to count your chickens before they are hatched. People say thing in the heat of the moment. Anyone who is still throwing temper tantrums isn't mature enough to attend a school dance. He never should have been allowed to go in the first place. If they have learned this behavior from their mother, they should live with her.

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I hope BM will take them, and NOT send them back to live with you full time!

The 17 yr old is almost out of the house, thank goodness. Only 4 yrs left with the younger one....maybe BM can handle them.

DH is right, at 14 and 17 they know just what they are doing.