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DH plans to Not return SD9 to BM after his mid-week visit.

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DH has found out BM has a warrant out for her arrest and plans to tell BM on Tuesday at the pick up that he will not return SD to her until she turns herself in and handles her warrant and court crap.

As some of you may remember BM was charged with Assault3/DV3 for attacking her boyfriend, running over his dog and destroying his house. Then, while on probation for the above, assaulted her parents..DV3. Then, was arrested for Criminal driving while suspended. She had court on the 1st for the parents thing, then trial for that tomorrow. I called the court house to double check the time of the trial and was told that it had been canceled and there is a warrant out for her arrest for failure to appear.

DH has decided that he will not return SD to her mother because of all her drama. He is hoping BM will lose it, freak out, call the cops and get herself arrested. LMAO


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Has he discussed this with his attorney? I agree 100% with his reasoning but just don't want this to backfire on him in court.

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Call the local police/sheriff/whatever and let them know the situation. Chances are, they might want to come arrest her at the time you're supposed to drop off.

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When I was speaking with the woman from the court house, she was assuming I was BM. She said "There is a warrant for your arrest and you should turn yourself in." I corrected her and explained that I was definitely not her, but I know exactly where she is and she told me I could turn her in by calling the police dept. and they "may or may not decide to come pick her up"

DH just wants BM to hang herself and he's hoping that she will have another melt down when he tells her.

But, I'm going to speak with him tonight about it and ask him to have the sherrif at the pick up or drop off and have her arrested. I think this would be the best route to take.

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I would suggest (just so there's no opportunity for him to be found in contempt of the order) that he file for an emergency hearing for custody until she can get her shit straightened out.

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I do agree. I will talk with DH tonight, when he has calmed down a bit about it. I just told him this morning. I think he is so afraid that an emegency ex parte judge will shoot him down. Again. He's hoping that BM will just hang herself. There is only one judge who handles emergency hearings in this county and she seems a little biased. She told DH last time that " Even if BM and SD are homeless, [SD] will be just fine, as long as shes with her mother, no matter the circumstances."

DH has lost all confidence in our justice system and our family court system.

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I would tell the cops where she is going to be...then after she is arrested, call CPS and file for emergency custody. If you are lucky, this can be accomplished before he is even supposed to hand them back over to the jailbird.

But, yeah, I would definitely get a lawyer's opinion to make sure you aren't overstepping the law.