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We are still waiting on court. As per usual CPS has not been helpful. They suggested we find a friend of my SD to see if they would be willing to keep her there. That is not an option, and I had many unkind things to say to them today. We get nowhere with these people.

We did get great news from police though. The woman who gave my step daughter the phone and was sharing the messages with her (nude photos of male genitalia) is being arrested and has her own CPS case opened in Ohio now. Hopefully this woman will have some serious consequences. 

Ding Dong the Witch is Predictable.....

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My husband sat down and called the wicked witch of Ohio the other night. As predicted she agreed to take SD (14), but ONLY if we agree in court to discharge the child support and owed support. We agreed. OF COURSE WE DID! We would have agreed to pay her the $5.72! We are also signing over rights.  Which means we cannot be sued anymore for when she puts kids into comas!!!! We have already contacted the attorney .  I feel so slimy for saying it, but good grief am I relieved!

Borderline Personality Disorder with a side of psychosis?

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Last night we received a call from the group home my SD(14) lives in. She was caught with a back pack full of prescription meds and THC pods and drug paraphernalia.  Turns out she has joined a "gang" and is dating a 19 year old drug dealer. When confronted with this recent trouble she has gotten herself into- she threatened suicide and became violent to the point she had be restrained. 

My head spins...

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I am the parent of 4 children. I say parent because I have been mom for almost 10 years now.  3 children are technically my step children. I have had a mostly good relationship with the two boys (ages 12 and 15).  My step daughter (14) will be an entirely different blog post for another day. 

My oldest son has recently been telling horrible lies. Lies of a magnitude I have never known. He does see a therapist, and I really am just not happy with what the therapist says about it.