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Some happy news - I have a pretty great SM

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So there's a ton of negative blogs on ( mine included) so let's get some happy stuff here

My dad started dating my SM when I was around ten or so. While I love my dad  he can be a piece of work. My SM is straight up and extremely honest. Also never drinks , uses, really the woman just has cats as her weakness.

So I called my dad's house and got my step mom. We talked for 30 minutes straight and while as the kid it isn't my place to know she explained why my dad was being insane a few weeks back.

He apparently went on a giant alcohol bender. While again- should I know ? But I'm happy she told me as things made a lot more sense. I'm happy he has a woman like her at his side and have told him not to mess this up. It's been enough time and he needs to act like a man not like a little drunk.

And no mini wife situation here. He doesn't need me to tell him to get his act in gear . I just don't want him mistreating this woman. But I'm so happy I have a SM that can handle his BS. We aren't overly lovey but there's a great sense of trust. I can tell her things if they happen without dad needing to know and that works both ways

So when someone posts here about a total brat adult stepkid I get so confused. Do these kids have zero compassion ? Do they just want attention as a COD? It baffles me. 

Ok that ended not so positive...




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I think some skids are just too damaged.  Spawn is infinitely damaged to the point I believe she will follow in Meth Mouths footsteps.  I feel bad but I tried a thousand ways to Sunday to change that outcome and it didn't work.  

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That's true . I went through a lot as a kid but I can't quite understand " mummy and daddy aren't together anymore boo hoo" these adults have

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I don't think it was wrong of her to tell you, as an adult, that your dad is having issues. Especially doing something that could really hurt him in multiple ways- Health, job, financial, marriage.

I think she was smart in letting someone else know what is going on, and she let you know because she knows you love your dad. 

I am glad you you have a good relationship with here that holds mutual trust. I think that is something we all are or at least started out striving for here. 

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I feel sorry for the woman who seemingly has her life together who feels she has to babysit a "little drunk".

I understand from your perspective why you appreciate her, because I am very appreciative that my SF deals with my mom's BS. But my SF has his own issues, so they have a bit of exchange in drama between them.

If this woman is childless and has her act together, and is having to babysit a drunk while trying to save face for his family, she's a saint, and I feel sorry that she doesn't value herself more (and that your father doesn't value her as much as she should).

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She's on disability and they do love each other. If she wasn't in the situation I'd tell her to run.

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held to a higher standard or been taught to be considerate of others and lack basic manners...

divorce isn’t a free pass to be a little shithead. My parents divorced right after i finished highschool. My latter yrs of highschool had such hostility at home because of the unstable environment. But never once did i become a prick because of it. 

I pushed myself to do better and be responsible mother had a stroke when i was 21, i managed a full time job, full time university studies and became like the mum of home doing alot of domesticated type duties...

the ones you read here have this lofty sense of self like they are better than everyone and that we bow to them. They think they have the right to abuse and disrespect us