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My jilted proposal / Mr. Used to have it

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Not to blog hog but two stories in one! Yay I feel the years coming for me.


So in past blogs you've seen how DH takes talks about BM being just... Fun

Their AC broke 3 weeks ago. It was fixed in a day

Did that stop BM ? Nope. She takes the kids from home every few days to stay at a hotel.  And switched hotels as out here you have to give a reason to stay currently.

Did that stop BM from having the kids playing with other kids ? Per the kids.. no. 

So they are once again going to another hotel the kids are excited. I've learned to say "good for you" in a great tone.

Now normally I'd have a conversation with DH like um love maybe we should talk to her etc etc

Tonight I had a different plan 

" Hey love- so I want a compromise"

"What is it?"

" Well you and I get so upset about BM being BM so I thought maybe I'll never talk to you about that and never see her unless it's a graduation etc?"

" Ugggjj my head hurts can we talk about this later?!?"

Jesus he carries himself like a 14 year old sometimes.

And round 2 ( electric bogaloo )

I started cleaning out files in my weird desk.

His tax return from 2016 was in there.

This man used to pull 150k a year ?!?

And I supported him on 40 or less.

I don't love people for money but damn BM - moving was sure a good call ? Where your ex can't pull that money because it's another poor state. Good on you you strong independent woman. 

I find it ironic as had we stayed home I'd almost seem like a sugar baby ( back home I was 23 and he was 40) but alas I've been pulling a lot of weight.

Welp. That was a nice discovery.